David Allen side lined with an injury!

David Allen out for two to three weeks due to an injury. He will be replaced by Wes Cates!

when is he coming back

Apparently he is out for another two to three weeks!

darn it would be good to have 2 running attacks in our backfield

...hey, I heard today that David Allen could be back this weekend, and Brian Clark is going to practice tomorrow and if all goes well will continue to practice all week to a game day decision to play, and Rambo will definately be playing this weekend.....

To this day this guys name still makes me laugh. Kenyon Rambo......... are you serious!!!!

.....I would assume the surname Rambo is fairly common in parts of the US and ony until Stallone used it did it gain pop-culture status.......and I think there is a hyphen between Ken and Yon...it's an odd name for sure.....

Who is your third back?

...Wes Cates can fill in for a third RB if needed.....