David Allen RB from last year!

David Allen the RB that came into play for the Stamps during their stretch run last year and then left near the end of the season to go to the NFL may be returning to the Stamps. It was mentioned by Jim Barker that Allen is in talks with the team and may return to the club. He pointed out the term of the contract will most likely be three years. The Stamps would have Reynolds, Booobie Stallings and David Allen as running backs.

.....signed today my friend!.......with Jenkins he immediately fulfills our kick return needs and will be an added threat in the backfield.....this is excellent news......Allen is going to push Reynolds for touches and make this an interesting camp......

He had a 20 yard average in returns so this will be a nice addition.

Ive got two words for this move.

"Yeah Baby!!!"

That dude is awesome.

You want Allen back, who will bolt to the NFL again as soon as he can? Like honeslty, he left you guys right before the west semi-final. Unless you sign him for 2 or 3 years, he’ll be trying he nfl again.

.......different contract this time 'round.......last year it was understood by both parties he was a loaner, and his contract then had a clause that allowed him to leave to have an NFL shot......this time its a contract no different than the rest of the players..........

.......abd that is where 'good intentions' come into play........when Allen left last year he actually felt bad about doing so knowing he was leaving the guys he had sweated with for six weeks in a lurch.......but Barker and Higgins said 'hey, no hard feelings, we knew this might happen, just promise us that if and when you decide to come back tot he CFL you'll give us first shot at negotiations with your agent'.......that's it, a promise and a handshake.....that classy attitude must've rubbed off on Allen because he kept his word too......

Talk about offensive weapons. Were going to be scary good.