Dave Thompson - I'm sorry!

Sorry that I posted the same message a couple of times, I didn't mean too. It didn't seem like it went up the first time, so I re-entered it again. Sorry! Go CFL, Support Our Troops!

Not to take this topic off track but did you know that as long as no-one has posted after your double entry, you can delete the second one.

Good man Dave! Yes support our men and women over seas.

I've got my General Service Medal for my 6 months in Kandahar! Always support the troops, they are Canada. Here's to another 6 hopefully in July 2008!

edit: btw, not military myself, my brother is, which is what prompted me to go work for the cdn military over there. Go Canada!

Good luck my family is in the US Navy over there flying the jets overhead. They love the Tim Hortons coffee.

On a side note to my previous message, the WKFAM competitor Rod from Dartmouth has a brother (who came to support Rod) who just returned from 6 months in Afghanistan 2 months ago. He is a Military MP.

Yah the Timmies over there is making a killing!! Even better once overhead and salaries are paid, the profits go to the troops and programs. The profits are quite substantial as well.