Dave the Lions heart

Dave the Lions heart

Eric Francis gets some answers from B.C. quarterback Dave Dickenson


Few would argue that when Dave Dickenson is healthy he's the CFL's best quarterback. Yet, for the third time in as many years the diminutive B.C. Lions leader is battling a concussion, forcing him to contemplate his playing future on a regular basis. If he were to retire at season's end, the 34-year-old Montana folk hero would finish as the league's most accurate passer of all time, which isn't bad for a 10-year CFL veteran who never dreamed that at five-foot-11 he'd play pro ball.

SUN Media: When did you first think of coming to the CFL?

Dickenson: Heck, I didn't think I was going to make it to college football. Then when I played my last college game I thought 'that's it.' When I did make it I thought 'if I could just make it five years, that would be great.'

Sun Media: What was your reaction to being named the greatest athlete in Montana history by a Sports Illustrated poll?

Dickenson: I was surprised and honoured. It's unwarranted because there are better athletes out there including guys I grew up with. But it's amazing the following I have in Montana -- for some reason people relate to me and I think that's part of the reason I won it.

Sun Media: Would you rather be a pro golfer?

Dickenson: Yes. It's just easier on the body. But I do believe there is something special about winning in a team atmosphere rather than individually. There's nothing better than accomplishing something as a group of guys who are considered family.

Sun Media: What is your most treasured material possession?

Dickenson: I'd have to say the Walter Payton Award I won in college (as the nation's top Div. 1-AA offensive player). I'm actually looking forward to meeting his son Jarrett when we play Montreal -- I want to tell him how glad I am to be associated with his father.

Sun Media: Do you consider yourself tough?

Dickenson: I don't consider myself street tough -- you won't find me brawling outside Cowboys. But I do consider myself tough in that it takes a lot of toughness to sit in the pocket and take shot after shot and get back up. I think guys who played against me would say that.

Sun Media: How do you explain being the most accurate passer in CFL history?

Dickenson: I've always been told I have a very catchable ball -- it doesn't have a lot of rotation. I really believe if you can read coverages and figure out who the open guy is you don't have to have a super-perfect throw.

Sun Media: Who is the best quarterback of all time?

Dickenson: John Elway. Nobody did more with less. I looked and I don't think he has any teammates in the Hall of Fame.

Sun Media: Who had the greatest influence on your career?

Dickenson: Skill-wise, Norv Turner (in San Diego and Miami). I've put some things in our offence this year from him.

Sun Media: What do you see yourself doing after football?

Dickenson: I think I'll coach at some level, whether it be my kids or in the CFL.

Sun Media: If you could change one CFL rule, what would it be?

Dickenson: The single -- I don't think you should reward missing something.


Q: Cash or credit?

A: I put everything on credit cards ... might as well get the Air Miles.

Q: How much in your wallet right now?

A: Just over $100 because a babysitter is coming.

Q: Any movie you can quote from?

A: Stripes: "Lighten up Francis."

Q: Is there a sport you wish you could play?

A: I tried to get going in hockey -- I like a challenge. I truly believe I can play any sport, but I can't swim well.

Q: Last book you read?

A: I read all the James Patterson books that come out. The latest one is Cross.

Q: Who was your hero growing up?

A: Dr. J -- Julius Irving. My favourite football player was Cowboys receiver Drew Pearson.

ol dave just retire, cuz the cfl doesn't really have a good pension to take care of concussion prone players once they retire, you got your ring, go into coaching or something.

I think Lions fans want to see Dave get back healthy and lead this team to another Grey Cup.

I think all fans want to see Dave get his health back.

I would agree with that. It's good for the CFL for every team to have their franchise player healthy.

Plus, he's a great spokesman for the league.

Honestly, I'm not a big B.C. fan, but I'd rather see Dickenson on a panel discussing the game than on a stretcher heading to the hospital.

dickenson shoudl retire, who wants to be known as the lindros of the cfl?

or worse he could end like john mackey of the colts.

Now if you BC fan's could go back into time and keep Dickenson or Printers (just went 9-12 for 121 yards against miami) who would you rather keep?

I’d rather keep the one who brought us to the promise land last season.

By the way, we offered Printers a big money contract, 3 years at over a million dollars. His sights were set for the NFL.

Actually a good read, Dave comes across as a geniunely nice guy.

Other than this primetime troll, I don't think anyone wants to see someone get hurt.

Get well Dave and make sure you don't try to do too much, your health and family are more important than winning football games.

printers wasnt offered a contract, it was just good PR for wally and ackles, they just wanted smoke and mirrors, they knew they wanted dickenson, printers was never in their plan, how do you bench the league mvp in the grey cup? wally never liked casey and just allowed casey to get angry and pout, he could of at least traded casey away and treated him with respect.

Actually can't be the Lindros of the cfl....because Dave has actually won a championship.....and Lindros I don't believe he actually won a stanley cup has he?

The most interesting thing I found in that ineterview was the he would change the single..

Looks like he dont understand the rule either

Oh he understands it , and like a few others-- despises it.

The guy has a concussion and is clearly confused...

Not as confused as some posters on this board.

If he understood it....he would not relate it to failure!

You would know...