Dave Stala

I remember back at IWS I'd hear people yell "Argos suck...except you Pinball."

I know how much Ticat fans love Dave Stala. If he makes a big catch on Monday, what's the reaction?

See you Monday, I can't wait for this game to kick off!


Only since he retired. NEVER while he played. As far as I am concerned, ANY player wearing that disgusting colour combination that the blew team mistakenly calls a "uniform" is the enemy - until the final whistle. Only then can we embrace him as a fellow Hamiltonian and former Tiger-Cat...

the rarely used: :thup: :thup: :thup:


I will be wearing my Stala 88 jersey on Monday. But he represents the enemy. It's all about the team on the front, not the name on the back.

Personally? Surprise, that the QB knows who he is. I don't think he has a catch yet in 2015.

I just couldnt get myself to boo Dave Stalla. ITS DAVE FREAKIN STALLA! and as much as it pains me to see him as an Arhol. im sure it hurt him even more to be an Arhol.

luckily for Sticky though, he has been in Toronto long enough that his soul has been eaten by that god forsaken city and he no longer feels anything. just dead inside

hope Stala knows that if there is silence after he does make a catch, than that’s about as good as a cheer from us.

He's the enemy, he was chirping last year when we played Montreal. He has my respect but he is just another crappy Argo