Dave Stala

Matthew Scianitti ?@TSNScianitti 13 Jul

#Ticats WR Ed Gant left game in 4Q w a right foot injury.Spoke to Dave Stala(knee)&he ran this week&expects to come off 9game&play in 1-2wks

If Fantuz is ready to go this week and he plays good I really don't see them pulling him off the 9 game early.

Fantuz, Stalla, Giguere, Grant.

that’s a pretty lethal combo if all heathly and playing at their best.
and also gives lots of ratio options.

Stala has been money on 2nd down and red zone catches his whole career in Hamilton!

we missed Stala on the first game vs the Argos, that game probably would have been a win with him in the line up.

First Stala then Fantuz followed by Jones now it seems Gant all on IL,We haven't had a lot of luck so far with our recievers,yet amazingly Burris leads in passing yards after week 3.Lets hope #83 and #88 get back soon.Imagine how great we'll be then!! :thup: :thup: :thup:

fixed if for you :wink: