Dave Stala

Stala had a great came as the Ti Cats beat Sask this afternoon. It is unfortunate that The Als organization, after keeping Stala on the pay roll for two years, did not retain his services this year. This has to be one of the worst moves the organization has done in their recent history. Stala played a great game with nine receptions for long yards- well in excess of 100 yards. Other than Cahoon [ really an American } the Als have nothing at the Canadian receiver position. This presents some limits to the team re import- Canadian ratio and the team has to use imports at all the receiving positions. I was impressed with the Ti Cats today. Now that Glen has secured the QB position, the Als could face a powerful Ti Cat team in the race to the Grey Cup! In its history the Als have, until now, had strength at the Canadian receiver position. As a kid I can remember Joey Pal's receiving as well as Peter Dela Riva, Jock Climie and other Canadians who occupied well the Canadian receiver position!

Yes he had a great game but 1 great game in 7 seasons is no big deal.

He only had 1-1000 yard season and only 2 catches in the previous 2 seaons.


Dave is a great athlete. I've seen him play through College out here and he was always a gentleman when I've talked to him and he's a great team guy, get's along with everybody. I'm so happy he's managed to salvage his carreer :thup:

He spent a lot of time injured and only really had one good season and was constantly in and out of the lineup. As for Canadian receivers while there are no starters other than Cahoon, Desriveaux and Deslauriers are definitely still in the team's plans and have proven to be competent and show a great deal of promise once they can get themselves in the lineup.

The high percentage of imports in the receiving core is balanced out by the fact that our starting MLB and one of our starting CBs are canadian both of which are positions that are usually held by imports

Stala had a serious foot injury but he's not an injury prone guy. If you look you'll see that his damaged foot is not taped but "mummyfied"... Stala has way more range than Desrivaux and soft hands. Deslauriers has become a slow clutz as his body filled in. He needed a fresh start anyway and if you look at Trestman's offense this year he's not using a NI on his five receiver sets. So really there was no room for him on the Als.

Yeah got to agree, his foot injury definitely almost did him in, the cats let him avoid strain on his foot during TC and practice, that is why he managed to avoid injury this year.

Danny Desriveux is an excellent non-import receiver. When his name is called, he will rise to the challenge. Meanwhile, it's good to see Stala has found a niche in Hamilton.

I like Desrivaux, nice kid with a big heart and smart as a whip but he's 5 feet 8" where Stala is over six feet tall with long limbs. He can jump and reach for balls that Danny simply can't Is all I was saying, was not intending to knock him.

I really respect Stala. He did a lot for the comunity of Montreal, great athlete, and great hands. There is just too much talent at the receiver position in Montreal, over the past years. I am glad he is getting his chance, and doing his thing and is, in my opinion, the best receiver on Hamilton.

I must say, THANK YOU MTL FOR STALA!!He'salso from hamilton to :smiley:

Very glad to see Dave rebound in Hamilton. We couldn't keep him for obvious reasons, but he deserved a chance to resurrect his CFL career and he's made the most of it.

Good to see Stala catching some passes today. With the emergence Of Glen i now see the Ti Cats as a tough team to beat. Not too suprised with the outcome today. I was waiting for Bishop to implode and today was this happened. I will be pulling for the Ti Cats next week.