Dave Stala

decent slotback, and can kick a half decent feild goal too.... seems to be up for free agency (according to tsn.ca)

don't suppose there's any hometown interest there, eh?

This guy seemed to start off with a bang then fall off the map, not sure about this guy. The only way is some team give him a look.

When he first arrived in Montreal, I thought he was going to develop into the next Ben Cahoon. But foot injuries have ruined his last two seasons. I'd want to see the medicals before making an offer............

Tough to say how good he is with the injuries that he has suffered.

Also there have been so many weapons in Montreal that AC has Stala in single coverage all the time.

Stala is a great ball player and a good team guy. He damaged some of the small bones in one of his feet and these take a long time to heal, sometimes becoming a chronic problem. If he is healthy he can help any team. But those bones can let go at some point at least more likely then someone who hasn't damaged them.

According to an article in the Montreal Gazette on Feb 14th, Dave Stala was released prior to free agency. He had a 1000 yard season in 2005. Broke some small bones in his foot and has only played 2 games in the last 2 years. Don't know his current status. Would be nice to have another Hamilton kid in camp.

I've always liked Stala. If he's healthy he is worth a risk. Give him 1 year + an option. Maybe add some incentives. If we can get him on the cheap even better.

I agree. Dave Stala as Bauman's backup is a good situation for both. A quality veteran Canadian backup, and Stala's body doesnt take the beating it does starting. This buys Stala time. If he does get healthy, We could have both Bauman and Stala starting in the slots.

This could be good.

I was able to meet Dave at an Als function a few years ago -- we discussed his football roots in Hamilton and how much he loved the Cats growing up. I have no doubt that if his injuries have healed sufficiently that he would be a great addition to his hometown team.

Oski Wee Wee,

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