Dave Stala....Where are Ya?!

What in tarnation happened to Dave Stala?

Sticky Stala looked to be heading for a career best season by hauling in 7 TD’s over the first seven games, yet has not caught a major since.

Is there an underlying or nagging injury that we are not privvy?

But hey, did you see the video on the Tiger cat site on how he saved the practice.

Kevin Glenn tried throwing the ball and lost 3 in the process, weak passes at that.

Dave threw 3 and got all the balls down. Those shots hit with some velocity.

Cats should try him at quarterback...

haha yes old fan, Dave certainly had some zip on those balls didn’t he?
Stala may be the push that Glenn needs to improve his play. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hell I'm hoping that we even get to keep Stala for another season or so. The way Obie has been purging our veteran receivers such as Bruce, Mann, McDaniel and Bauman I wouldn't be surprised if old Dave is next. He is the last remaining starter from last years receivers and we're still a 500 team. Clearly that was not the problem.

Gotta love Stala for sure, hopefully everything is ok. :?