Dave Stala signs with Hamilton


Woot! fantastic news :smiley:

This signing also rules out any WR's being drafted this saturday. The less we need going into the draft the better off we are. It's not always a good thing to have to rely on draft picks, although sometimes it is. Still, now going into the draft we have one less area to focus on. Our main objectives now are:
-Get another DE
-Get another OT
-Get another FB.
Lower priorities:
-Get a LB
-Get a DB

If he's healthy, (which the Ticats think he is after Stala worked out for them recently) Stala can contribute. This is a good signing for us. And one that probably means we will definitely go O-Line and D-Line with our 1 and 3 picks in the first round of the draft.

probably still see a receiver in the later rounds - Stala won't be contributing for very long but it will be enough to let the young guy develop for a couple years.

Welcome home Sticky ..

I can easily see the Cats still take a receiver with one of the 1st two picks--likely 3rd. Unless Giguere comes free soon, the Cats are extremely thin at NI receiver---even with Stala. Bauman looks like a keeper. But Rempel in 4 years has 8 pass receptions--3 with the Cats last year and Stala MAY regain his form. Or he may not. At 30 years of age, he is worth a look, but isn't likely the future either. And even with Giguere, that gives you a total of 4 guys? That isn't very many. The Riders, as an example, presently have 6 under contract as opposed to 3 for the Cats. And there are at least a couple of quality prospects available. So if you don't draft one, you are risking a lot on Rempel and Stala.

They're likly not to do it. Even Obie and Marcel said that if they got Stala there'd be little chance of drafting a receiver. And we dont need 6 N/I WR's. SSK feels thats a good way to stretch the ratio, fine. We're strecthing it with safeties, OL, DL, LB's, FB, and a couple receivers. We're fine for the ratio, if anything Duane Forde even said we've got alot of Canadian talent. We're not looking for an all-Canadian team.

One of the benefits is that it would prevent a recurrence of what happened last year, when Setta got hurt, but had to continue kicking, despite his injury. Stala provides a good emergency kicker, as well as a viable receiver option. Welcome aboard, Dave.

Love this signing. I'm hopeful he'll stay healthy.

I'm not saying you will or you won't. Signing Stala maybe does reduce the need somewhat. However, what I am saying, is if the best player available at that 3rd pick is a receiver, the Cats likely should take him. Why? Because right now, you only have one receiver that you can be sure can play come July. And if he gets injured, you better have some depth elsewhere, because it ain't easy to start 4 import receivers...
Sask has 6, but most teams carry from 4-6. Not only is it handy to actually have receivers who can play, but receivers tend to be versatile--they make good ST players, can fill in as DBs in emergency and it is good to be able to run a decent 6 receiver pack--which right now, the Cats really can't do. The fact that the Cats are holding try outs for veterans at the end of their career because they so badly need Canadian receivers should tell you something....going to camp with only 3 receivers, one who after 4 years is debatable whether he can play and the other who hasn't really played in two years, is made of glass and is 30 seems like a poor choice.
The reality is, the Cats need Canadian depth in more than one area. So it may depend more on who the Argos take, than on a need at a particular position. If the Argos take the best D-lineman, the Cats may well take a receiver. Barring that, if they don't take one later in the draft, I'll be very surprised.

Risk-free move.
Local boy with lots to offer if he keeps it together. Like Chris Davis its often these low profile signings end up being instrumental.

Further to this...Rempel was released

With one in and one out (Stala/Rempel) there are still only two NIP Rec's on the roster! I believe there were three dressed for most, if not all, games last year and the other teams have an average of four plus on their rosters. That's gotta mean there's at least one, and likely more, to be heard about soon -- a trade?, free agent?, the draft?

Guys who may emerge still:

-Laurent Lavigne-Masse (draft pick last year who impressed in TC, but who was sent back to school at Laval for another year)
-Corey Grant (FA who worked out for the Cats recently)
-a 2009 draft pick (I predict the Cats take a receiver with their third round pick)

Yep. I'd definitely head to camp with 2 Canadian receivers, one of which has pretty much spent 3 years on the injury list and is now 30 years old....
Unless guys like Grant or Palmer---a couple more suspect players--are signed, or a trade is in the works, a receiver certainly makes sense in the draft now. There are 3 solid prospects available in the draft (according to the CFL scouting) and if the Cats had a 2nd round pick, they might wait and still get one of them. But with no 2nd rounder, they likely can't wait for the 3rd round to take a receiver.
I'm going to just toss this out there, and see what Cat fans think. BC seems interested in moving up in the draft. The Cats can have Carlson is they want him bad enough, but maybe don't need both Rottier and Carlson. So make a deal with BC. 1st pick overall for the 4th and 13th. That should allow you to obtain a D-lineman, a receiver, almost any other need you have and still have Carlson who some say is actually the best prospect out there. I guess it depends on how the Cats rate the two hoggies and whether BC gives up two picks to get one.

I've been thinking something along the same lines. The objective of the draft is to strengthen the team in the best manner possible, not necessarily making the highest selection.

Signing Stala certainly doesn't hurt, but his injury woes concern me.


The first pick in the draft will cost you # 3, 4 and 5, or # 3 and a starter. Obie wasn't born yesterday.

Guys who may emerge still:

-Laurent Lavigne-Masse (draft pick last year who impressed in TC, but who was sent back to school at Laval for another year)
-Corey Grant (FA who worked out for the Cats recently)
-a 2009 draft pick (I predict the Cats take a receiver with their third round pick)
on in two

Thanks for the reminder of L. L-M who I'd forgotten. I'm sure he's in the plan and projected by the club to make the cut this year. His college number (80) hasn't been assigned to anyone else. He was injured and out for part of Laval's schedule last fall which kept his numbers down. Don't know what it was. Hope it's well healed.

And neither was Wally....(though my guess is if the Cats are asking for the #3 pick as part of the deal, O'B needs a holiday :wink: )
The rumour mill says Bates is up for trade bait. But I am not convinced you wouldn't be better off with Rottier in that case. Other than that, I can't really think of a starter BC might part with. However, you might be able to get 4 and 6 out of Wally. I can't see him offering all 3 picks. 2 for one is a pretty good deal. A later round pick might be a toss in as well.
But I'll tell you what. If wally offers all 3 picks.... ? O'B might have a stroke, but he will certainly take it....