Dave Stala - Long and Winding Road

Great video on Dave Stala and his family.


And to think I thought my respect and love for the guy couldn't grow.
Dave Stala is a true Canadian legend and his father is a true unsung hero.

That video about Dave is a 'must see'. Thanks Makaveli.
A Long and Winding Road that ends with a ROAR.

It is now clip number 374572 on tsn.ca

Click HERE to view

Oskee wee wee

This was an amazing video! The respect I have for the Dave Stala and his family has grown immensely.

And how this video, along with many other stories of Europeans struggling in their native land could find a way to get a job and provide for their families, should be an inspiration for many people in this city and country!

Here's to Dave and his family on a big game on Sunday and continued success in Hamilton!!

Great Story !! Good Luck Dave and to the rest of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in the Playoffs !!!!

Lets do this !!

Great story about Dave and his family coming to Canada from Poland on TSN and the hardships they faced . All the best tomorrow Dave for you and our Black and gold!

POLISH POWER! :thup: :rockin:

I love that video! The Polish are amazing people and Dave's family is a great example of that.

Saw that earlier today a fantastic story, it is something I never knew.Took quite bit of courage to do what his father did,man no wonder Dave Stala has no quit in him. :thup:

That was a great video.

It was interesting to see what his family went through. I understand that things have been getting better in Poland since that time, but it must have been are hard time for those who were there.

I liked that picture of him at 3:07, playing what appears to be a high school football game at IWS, where he would go on to be a fan favourite.

And you had to like that picture at the end of the video.