Dave Stala F-bombs

After his TD reception, Dave dropped a few F-bombs on the sidelines with the camera and mic rolling in which one of the analysts subsequently apologized on air.

While personally am not offended by Stala's vernacular,(had a good chuckle actually) I can see parents/families being disgruntled with children present during the telecast.

Here's hoping the carrier network doesn't pull the plug on player sideline comments as it provides the viewer with an added sense of involvement, emotion and enthusiasm with the players.

Kids either know the word or they don't.
Good parent will know how to discuss it with there children and explain the circumstances.

Bad parents will call TSN, CRTC, etc and demand an apology and threaten to boycott the advertisers unless Stala is removed from the earth. :roll:
...or there abouts.

I was not offended in the least. I realize that Dave was extra emotional and that his TD meant much more than the average TD would because he dedicated that game to Jake and promised him a TD. I can't fault him for what he said. It has to be extremely difficult to maintain composure in the face of what he is witnessing right now. I was right there with Dave.

so Dave Dropped the F-Bomb Kids hear it all the Time what the Big F-EN deal :lol:

as a Football Coach I hear The F-Bomb all the time on a Football Field.. it not a big deal.

"Hey, dad ... did you just hear what he said !? " ...

  "Yes, I'm not deaf son ... "

"Oh .. okay."

  "Would you have said that in that situation, son ?"

"I don't know ... maybe ..."

  "Would you have said it at school, in class ?"


"Okay, good ... could you, please, pass the salsa."

As I stated, it doesn’t faze me in the least but the networks have a different view on this and I hope the broadcasters refrain from cowtowing to any secular special interest groups who may complain.

I would have said the same thing if I scored an all important touchdown. (and probably worse)

As Einstein never said, “Bombs” are good. :wink:

I don't fault Dave Stala one bit.
If a camera crew sticks or aims a mic right in front of a player who has just scored a TD.....what the heck do you expect!
It's an emotional moment for the player and the last thing he is thinking is whether his words will be broadcast across the country.
So if TSN ( or any other network covering any other sport) wants to add "realism" to their coverage, they have to expect the occasional unsavoury comment once in a while. If the TV folks don't want that.....don't use mics on players without their permission.

Come on you guys- everyone has heard the F word!

(shrug) I don't care.

I'm with George Carlin on this one.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxR4RpPL1rc&feature=related]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxR4RpPL ... re=related[/url]

His emotions were especially "jacked" because of the special relationship he has with the young man who is battling cancer.

No issues hear.

Before the league drops the sideline comments completely (and I hope they never do), maybe they could try a few second delay on them to allow for editing? Who says the comments need to be perfectly synchronized with the rest of the broadcast? I doubt anyone would even notice the few second delay, or care.

I Seen George Carlin 6 in Times Total 3 Times in Hamilton.
he was more then Just a Comic he’s was real
The Carlin Joke where take the Replaces the Work Kill with the F word is a Classic.

Okay Sherff where going to **** now but where going to **** you Slow CLASSIC Carlin :lol:

Hit the nail on the head! Almost made me laugh as hard as when Stala said it! Its time we get over this word. It’s not racist, sexist, or generally bigot in any way. I look at it like an exclamation point in a word rather than a symbol. So really he used it in the correct grammatical sense. When you are in a huge play off game that just won’t give and you score a touchdown I can’t think of a better sentence! If parents don’t like it teach your kids not to say it. The whole worlds not gonna change to suit everyone’s perspective.

Why doesn't TSN have a five second delay?

Then again, if they did, I wouldn't have seen the female flasher in BC back in 1990 or there abouts. Still to this day my most memorable fan.

Frankly, I thought it was awesome and if you didn't like it, just make it clear to your kids why it's not normally appropriate and note he apologized later for it.

Can’t say for sure but perhaps live sporting events can not because of betting rules.

I knew there was a reason that I liked Captain Kirk. It has to be our love of the TiCats and George Carlin. :rockin:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

No offense taken here. I think that Stala's F bomb was a perfectly natural reaction on a very emotional day.

f ***en aHHH! :rockin: