Dave Ritchie

i wus just wondering what if ritchie came back... i dont think he should have been fired in the first place, thats just my opinion. look at b.c., hes a coordinator there, defence i think, and theyre 10 and 0... just wanna see what you guys think...

Ritchie is friends with Wally. I think he's enjoying not having all that pressure of being a head coach on his shoulders. Last home game I hardley recognized him...You should see the weight he's dropped after his heart surgury.

i always enjoyed ritchie. esp his post game talks. " hmpf... that game is over. now i am thinking about the next one. " he may not have been media friendly but he could coach. last year a combination of poor depth given to him and injury problems made for a bad season but at least we weren't saying the coach blew that game after each week. if ritchie was guilty of anything it was holding on to experience instead of welcoming youth. ritchie was unfairly run out of town and i cannot imagine him every wanting to jump right back into the now boiling pot.

The only thing that I heard against Ritchie was the fact that he was getting soft and couldn't motivate the players anymore...helluva coach and great guy though. Would take him over Daley ony day....

I loved Ritchie's days here. I mean he shinned us up pretty good after Reinbold's disasterpiece. Ritchie got us a 14-4 record......he made us such a threat. Daley can't do this...he's another Reinbold. Its not gonna be Ritchie again but its gonna be someone where we'll get that feeling where we'll jump on his wagon and go for a ride.

Its cool how it seems the way a coach or star quarterbacks get the boot when we get fed up with them. It's like exile.

Just like what were doing now with Daley....the day it happens we'll be there to rip a piece of clothing and spit on him.

Goldbolt...such it is in Prosports...someone once said...coaches are hire to be fired. iN DALEY'S CASE IT CAN'T COME SOON ENOUGH.

Sorry but you should have the guy responsible for putting the product on the field fired first that being Taman. The guy is a big joke!

Yup, for a team that has preached rebuilding, he (Taman) sure hasnt found a lot of new young talent, mostly casts offs from other teams…

If this is a so called team rebuilding. Are we at the demolition stage or something. I just want the day to come where the gold and blue will be a threat again. It looks like a good team but there are just some things that have been done on game days where we look so dumb.

I agree goldbolt, the players we have has improved since the beginning of the season. Has Taman had some bust? Yes he has. But without a good game plan and decent coaching, the players we have will not make one bit of difference. There is no one on any Forum that can convince me that Daley is the coach that will make this team a threat.

Huh. So now y'all love Ritchie. How many of you were saying the same thing last year when everyone was calling for Ritchie's head?

In any case, Taman has said multiple times that they didn't have the money to go out and sign elite players in the off-season. So they had to make do with middle-tier players. Considering that, they've put together a pretty good team, at least on offense. I didn't think Glenn could be a starter in this league but he's proven me wrong. Then you've got Blink, Stegall, Brazzell, McDonald, Stokes and Stoddard. Not a half-bad receiving corps. What you guys need is for Rod Rust to come back. The D hasn't been the same since he left.

I agree about Rod Rust needing to be here, but what I don't understand is how they could just lose his game plan the day he leaves...I mean......they should be the same if they bought into his game plan. Second of all, the Bombers need to be privately owned again so that we could break the salary cap like half the other teams in this league. That way we could sign some high-profile players as well. Third, Taman hires wanna-be's from other teams that didn't want them. Stop looking in the recycling bin, the daily paper is at the store. We need the scout that we had when Cal Murphy was around.