Dave Ritchie Retiring


If this is true, we will miss Dave. He is a character guy who brought class to the game and to the league.
Hopefully he will enjoy a long healthy retirement.

Godspeed, Dave.

dave was a great coach. i always remember him standing uder the uprights during pregame warm ups when he was in the peg.did alot for this team, and everyteam he was associated with. possible to land a spot in the hall.

We will miss him, but its probably the right thing to do. We saw him take a hit this year, and wow, I could feel it twenty rows up in the stands! His heart probably could use the rest.

i agree. i remember seeing that and feeling kinda bad, not good seeing an older man that i have such respect for going down on the sidelines, man did he create good defences in bc.

THanks DR for what you have done for the CFL, and what you have in MTL. But, seriously, come back as a DC in MTL. PLEASE" WE have an American who knows nothing about the CFL as our head coach (Trestmann)...
Come back and take him to school! Everyone in MTL wants you back.