Dave Ritchie persued by Riders

CHCH sports on the 11:00 news stated that The Riders are still interviewing candidates for their vacant head coaching position.

This process also includes Dave Ritchie. I thought he was totally retired and not interested in coaching (at least that was the impression I had when the Cats were mentioned alongside his name).

Perhaps he was not interested in us?

P.S. if any of you were watching the news after the sports segment was over, you had to laugh at Nick, Brian and the wet beaver. If you saw it, you will know exactly what I'm talking about... then the monkey!! :lol: priceless...

  • Saw it .... absolutely hilarious!

Live television at its finest!

Sask a good team for old Dave to look at, they could make him coach of the year.

Would be the best choice for them!