Dave Ritchie, New Head Coach?

CKNW reported on the noon sports that the leading candidate for the Head Coaching job is Dave Ritchie. (CKNW reported Ritchie and Tillman are friends)Now I kind of question that because of the Heart condition of Ritchie. As defensive coordinator, he seems to look (on camera anyways) that he is more relaxed. Also, Ritchie and buono are close friends as well. Just food for thought.

I still think Cortez should be your man.

I wouldnt wish Ritchie as head coach on anyone...except maybe the Jays

Danny isnt leaving for sure yet...

Radio said, Danny will stay until the end of the season..... Then Ritchie would be hired.

Again, take it with a grain of salt.

I would feel much happier if Vince said it first

PLEASE, not Richie!!! I agree Cortez should be given a chance (wasn't he on the short list when Roy first arrived?). However, does that mean Richie Hall will be gone? How would he feel if Cortez, in his 1st year as assistant coach, catapulted past him to the top job?

It is still speculation you guys. I have heard other things such as Danny Barrett will stick around. Its not like they are going to fire him. Dont forget Danny's family loves Regina man...

I have never been a Ritchie fan, so I hope that isn't true

If they don't renew Danny I don't know who I would like as coach, since I can't think of anyone special that is available for the job

Ritchie CANT come here! We've had one character in Shivers ticking off the press; we don't need one as coach! Plus, Austin is supposedly buddy buddy with Tillman, so I would expect Kent before Ritchie!

In any case, let's hope the Riders can stick it to their competition over the next four weeks (Ham, WPG and the Esks)