Dave Ritchie interested in TiCat Job !!!!!

I wish Tom Clements name would show up as a possible coach. He was a great CFL QB and was replaced last year as OC in Buffalo.

The ti-cats are my favourite team to.Im not always crapping all over them.I call it as I see it.It's called having an oppinion ExPat.It's called sports talk,if you dont like mine or anyone elses oppinion dont read the forums.Seems like anything I say in here you just have to moch it.
Sports is about winning, and we havn'nt done that for years ,so people are going to get negative.
If you pay good money to go see a movie and it turns out to be crap,do you leave the theatre saying (hey at least the actors tried)probably not.
Your going to be angry,just like sports fans are when their team loses more than they win......

I want Clements too but I think he's the QB coach in Green bay so I doubt he'd leave that to come coach here.

Clements did an awfull job in Buffalo, he's a big fan of running every first and second down, then throwing short passes on third down. Sound familiar?

You have to admit...Dave Ritchie provides alot of laughs. Especially when he conducts interviews with the media.

Some of the absurd things he's said, can't help but make you wonder if he has a very dry sense of humour or just friggin nuts!

the defensive co-ordinater in winipeg. the other marshall.

dave ritchie NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!! this team has enough problems with penalties we dont need a coach whose former teams lead the league with penalties

GM: Mike McCarthy
Head Coach: Rich Stubler

My current dream scenario...:wink:

Honourable mention: Charlie Taaffe as HC.

Whoever is GM will make that hire. It is up to the team to do all the preparatory legwork to help a new GM make his selection if an immediate hire is not in mind.

Oski Wee Wee,

Leslie Stewart!!!!!!!!!!!(':o')

um… no

Russ’ solution is a tad more elegant

It is crucial for this team to hire a GM with a solid football background soon because as we fans have seen this season the Cats need an overhaul within their football operations.

Hire the GM too late in the off-season and the team risks loosing the opportunity of hiring the best available head coaching prospects (who in turn need time to hire their coaching staffs) and is playing catch up with talent evaluation on both sides of the border.

Sure information will be available from the current regime but I would imagine that the guy in the GM's chair would want to make his own assement from his own people.

Yes, yes, yes! I am glad there is at least one sane person on here.

hey how about me, i'll do it. And the cats will have to pay me is in beer. Hears my coaching staff.

Matt Dunnigan - OC
Kent Austin - Qb coach
Earl winfield - receiver coach
Les Browne - Defence Co-ordinator
Dennis Mcfee- defence line and LB coach
Erdman as my specialty teams coach- because i would take great pleasure and fire his butt and replace him with some who actually knows how to run a specialty team

Dude, first of all, you responded to my post first. Look it up.

Secondly, there is no need for me to mock you. It would be redundant. See, for example, this thread.

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=10300&sid=f91ed5e4b874bcded3051408ef9c9f05]http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?name=PNp ... 08ef9c9f05[/url]

whats wrong with that thread ExPat?That was a bad play call

It started off OK, but last I saw you were taunting another member (who had actually posted something in complete agreement with what you said) and threatening to slap him or something. You really don't see that as being a bit odd?

expat is sensitive, he has feeling, join the figure skating forum

expat is sensitive, he has feeling, join the figure skating forum

expat is sensitive, he has feeling, join the figure skating forum

ohhh you might want to read that thread a little more carefully.Look at where he made a comment about my mother....no I dont find it a bit odd when some one young or old makes a comment about my Mother...................I thought I started A GOOD THRED UNTILL HE OR SHE WENT THEIR.