Dave Ritchie interested in TiCat Job !!!!!

8) According to Steve Milton in todays Spectator, BC Def. Co-ord. Dave Ritchie is very interested in the TiCats head coaching vacancy. If I recall correctly, when Ritchie was fired as Winnipegs head man, that team was in a real downward spiral, with infighting and dissention among many of the players !!!! Ritchie had appeared to have lost control of the team !!!

OMG anyone but Dave !!!!

I`ll always remember Dave going down on his knees when Ozzie kicked the 54 yd field goal in that playoff game against Montreal . Loved it !!! Thank You very much Ozzie !!!!!

Have to agree with you, Habman. I think we have had our fill of "oldtime" coaches (RL, JPP). We need fresh and progressive coaching.

Smoke9 wrote:

Have to agree with you, Habman. I think we have had our fill of "oldtime" coaches (RL, JPP). We need fresh and progressive coaching.
Well, let's bring back coach Marshall then. 8)

They had the man but fired him after 4 games.

Attn Caretaker:
This is making me nervous.
No!!!!!. Not Dave Ritchie!!!!

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Still say you need to hire an experienced GM who can pick his own coach!

Yes, G-M comes first.

No,to Ritchie....a real hot-head. Doesn't seem to have too much class.

I agree, please no Ritchie, In that case I'd rather see Danny Barrett, Just anyone other then Richtie hire Leslie Stewart before Ritchie god anyone but him please!!!!!

danny barrett, rich stubler, ron meyer, these guys should be considered for cfl jobs, also maybe the guy that used to coach in the ncaa, fitz hill.

Ritchie would be welcomed by many of the contributors to this site. Like them, he is generally grumpy, thinks the world is against him, and loves nothing better than to single out his own players for public criticism of their mistakes.

ya,no negativity on this site,we've only one 2 games games all year.Look at the bright side,we could have 0 wins......

we dont need another old, fat grumpy new englander in hamilton, ritchie is more self-deprecating than rodney dangerfield and he looks like him too.

There you go ToddKing, finally starting to see the silver lining.

Charlie Taffe

you bet ya ExPat,2-8 we are the pride of the CFL.

Actually I believe we are in last place. But you know what? Ticats are still my favourite team. And for that reason I don't go out of my way to crap all over them in a public forum.

But trust me, I have watched every game this year, and I am fully aware of how well they have been playing.

Champalain from B.C
Strauss from Montreal
Cortez from Sask

All should be considered TiCat coaches for next season.

no more recycled retreads...New GM then a new coach and staff

A big no thank you to Richie. Tommy Condel is the only person they should go after, if they don't they'll be regreting it, the same way they probably regret not bringing him in as an o.c.