Dave Ritchie in town last night.....but

the denials have already been made.
"Mitchell, sensing what the local buzz would be, said emphatically, "I can guarantee you right now that Dave Ritchie will not be coaching the Ticats."

For the story, check out Steve Milton in today's Spec:


The upshot...looks like Charlie will be around for the rest of the season.

Why is this even news?

Heaven forbid a CFL affiliated coach for several years showing up to a game as a guest of one of buddies...or maybe just to watch a game.

Andrew Grigg was there. Does that mean (to some) that he's coming back soon too???

If Steve Milton writes it.....it has some news value. He is an excellent reporter in my book.
Where else have you seen management give Charlie a vote of confidence lately?
Plus it prevents a new out-of-control thread by someone who is convinced Dave Ritchie's presence means "adios Charlie."

i wish.
miss the grigster.

Guess Dave saw he was not needed.

I was in the box beside him. He told me that he was a guest of the Argos.