Dave Ridgeway

Last night on the radio Rob Pederson said Dave Ridgeway was not coming for the '89 reunion because he had fallen on hard times. Does anyone know what he meant by that?

[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/ridgway-dismisses-fears-about-his-well-being/article1226555/]http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/r ... le1226555/[/url]
As for his teammates’ queries and concerns, Ridgway said of himself and his family: “We’ve been through some tough times. I’ll get out of it on my own. I’m fine.?

Al Maki wrote an article in the Globe and Mail. There were some fears about his health, but that's not the reason he's not going to attend.

You wouldn't happen to have any insight into what that reason might be?
Thanks for the link.

so why didn't the Riders organization help him get there?

That wont happen look how he was treated when he left, Rider management does not treat some of there past starts very well, I think you can put Jurisan in that category as well

Doesn't anyone remember the problems that occurred with his ex- Michelle Englot? Would you want to come back and risk the possibility of having to see an ex? I wouldn't!!

his ex wife thing was a long time ago, dave was a proffesional he's not the only one who has gone through something like that, you have to suck it up anyone ever read his book?

It is very sad to read about Ridgeway. He was my favorite player, and he had a huge part in winning the cup. We hope he finds his situation improving

I guess all of our concerns are a little misplaced. In the Leader Post on Monday - Ridgeway said he is doing very well and stayed at home to celebrate the birthday of his 3 year old grandson. He says he is fine and sends his regrets but he wants to do right by his grand children (3) and correct some of the mistakes he made with his own children. He genuinely appreciates the concern showed by all the fans and ex-teammates.

This pure speculation of course, and probably rumour mongering (in fact it is), but rumour has it he sold his Grey Cup ring to pay some debts. If this is indeed true, is it possible he didn't want to show up not wearing it and having to explain it? Hard to say but it crossed my mind.