Dave Returns and?

Sticky returns and only used him once. What's with that? This guy has to be used more.

He doesn't look 100% healthy :?

2 catches/33yrds, 1 incompletion, longest 20 yrds for Stalla

Ellingson - 5/114 yrds, 1 TD
B. Grant -5/ 87 yrds
Giguere - 5/66 yrds
Onrea Jones -4/57 yrds
C.J. Gable -4/21 yrds
Lamar-1/17 yrds,1 TD

Ellingson had a good game

Sticky was brought back early because of all the injuries and he played well but you can see he is cautious. That was serious surgery or else they would not have put him on the 9 day. Stala is also a team leader so having him on the bench would be a good motivator.