Dave Randorf is leaving TSN for Sportsnet

[url=https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/eh-game/tsn-dave-randorf-makes-end-zone-leap-rogers-215541744.html]https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/eh-ga ... 41744.html[/url]

'TSN did a commendable job of securing its hockey talent after Rogers landed its big NHL deal, so it seems somehow strange that the first defection to the other side comes from TSN's football world.

After almost 15 years at TSN, Dave Randorf is moving to Rogers to become part of its expanded hockey coverage. That announcement was made official Tuesday as Rogers unveiled its hockey plans for the first season of its big NHL contract. Bob Cole and Jim Hughson of CBC's Hockey Night In Canada, and one-time TSN hockey voice Paul Romanuk are also joining the Rogers team.'

Sorry if this was posted already but I just heard it on the radio last night.
I will miss him from the football panel, I wonder who they will replace him with? Gord Miller maybe?, I hope to hell it isn't Darren Dutchyshen.
I wouldn't mind looking at Natasha Staniszewski either.

Lets hope that Rod Black steps out of the broadcast booth and take dorf' s job on the panel!

I like Dunnigan and Schultz. Don't like Stegall, LaPolice or Black.

Replacement for Randorf? My pick would be Dave Naylor, just because he has great knowledge of the game and players. But wouldn't be surprised if one of the sideline reporters gets this gig. Matthew Scianti seems to be on CFL telecasts more and more. He might be their guy.

What’s your take on Climie?

As far as a replacement, I’m kinda for Dutch but it won’t be him. Generally the lead sportscentre broadcasters avoid being on panels. I’ll say it shouldn’t be an ex-player. This is the problem with the TSN hockey panel (dear lord do I hate having to listen to the TSN hockey panel) so it should be more of an outside broadcaster looking in that can still chum it up with the rest of the panel. I think Rod Smith might work out, he’s kinda got that lineman jolliness to him.

Don't like Climie either.

:thup: agree typical snob lawyer

My guess is that it won’t be a woman, part of the banter on the show is the panel beating up on, making fun of, busting the balls of the only non-football player on the panel. They wouldn’t be able to do that with a woman.
Wasn’t it Duthie who did that job before Randorf?

Personally, I think Climie helps make the panel what it is. He may be smug, he may be cocky, but he's the smartest guy on the panel and he knows it. Its meant to entertain you and keep you watching, and like all entertainment, its better with a good bad guy.

On the other hand, Rod Black and Duane Ford don't do anything particularly wrong, they're just so vanilla that its difficult to get excited watching a game they're doing. Just be thankful they haven't replaced Climie with another snoozer.

It was Duthie, I actually missed him the first couple of years after Randorf took over, Duthie added a much needed spice to CFL broadcasts when he first appeared, but honestly in the long run, I think I'd have gotten tired of his schtick by now if he had stayed.

Randorf gelled in there perfectly, egging everybody on just enough to keep the entertainment high while letting the panel be the real show.

I hope Duthie is the replacement, but my guess is it will be Gurdeep Ahluwalia.

Ugh. Anyone but Dutchyshen. He's the only other TSN personality I find as obnoxious as Landsberg. Makes me change the channel instantly.

I’m hoping John Lu.

Farhan Lalji knows football

Never could understand the hate for Rod Black. Randorf is not irreplaceable, the guy whom I wouldn’t want to lose is Forde. I like Climie on the panel, we need more guys like Forde who are well versed in CIS.

Agree get Jockstrap Climie out of there :thdn: can't stand the arrogant,smug little puke.The recently retired Geroy Simon could replace him and as for the talking head Randorf either Rod Smith or Brian Williams would be my choices to replace him but not Hodge who I don't mind personally but feel that one of the other two would be a better fit for the panel.I think of NHL when I think of Hodge,not CFL.

No more Americans and possibly even worse, the superannuated smarmy Brian Williams who hasn't done anything noteworthy since CBC Sportsweekend in the 80s?

I can’t stand Williams. He should retire. Yes, smarmy is a good descriptor for him. Climie should have an industrial accident! TSN should do with Rogers is doing with George Stroumboulopoulos, Randorf and others on Hockey Night in Canada. Replace the aging warhorses with fresh faces and insights.

Rod Smith would be my first choice over Williams,as for Simon yes he is American,but has been playing and living in Canada for the last 15 years.Dunigan is probably more Canadian than a lot of people who were actually born in this country.

So how about replacing Climie with Forde on the panel ? A Canadian guy for a Canadian guy

Ive always liked Elliotte Friedman and wouldn't mind seeing him do it, if they could get him.

Isn't he a hockey guy? I don't know if he does football too.

I think he used to cover the CFL for the CBC, I remember seeing him at a bunch of Ti-Cat games.
I just like his personality, he doesn't come across as cocky or arrogant.