Dave Naylor reporting Big Tiger-Cats News ?


I've always thought he is on the "up and up" rather than sensationalistic typic comic book journalism you see at Rogers.

.@ArashMadani via@sportscage:"All signs point to it (Kent Austin going to Hamilton)"

.@ArashMadani via@sportscage:"Austin may get in and around two million dollars to go to Hamilton."

.@ArashMadani via@sportscage:"Likely next week (the Austin announcement will come)"

Better put in more seats in at Alumni Stadium :wink:

See what he does...

Two Millions $$$$ to go/come to Hamilton. Probably for four years. I doubt that he will receive more than $500,000 a year. More makes no sense. If he is the GM,along with Head Coach, he will need an Assistant GM. One person alone cannot do the jobs of GM and Head Coach; he needs help on the GM side.


Actually, it’s more likely about $750,000 a year for 3 years. He turned down $500,000 per year when offered that by the Riders just to coach. Given that he would be performing both jobs, 3 years at $750k for a total package around $2 million sounds about right.

Look guys, it doesn't matter who it is, it doesn't matter what his credentials, after this season I will never walk into a new coach without any expectations of a playoff spot in year one, no matter how talented the team is. Anything more then that, you're doing a disservice to him, the team and yourselves.

Hopefully Mitchell isn't around to fire him if he doesn't get us in the playoffs next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thdn: :thdn:



Many people around the Canadian Football League are convinced it's only a matter of days until Kent Austin is announced as the Hamilton Tiger-Cats new head coach and general manager.

The reasons?

Well, you can start with the timing of the firing of George Cortez, their former head coach and director of football operations. He wasn't dismissed until nearly six weeks after Hamilton's season ended, which suggests the Tiger-Cats were intending to keep him.

It's believed their thinking may have changed once they learned someone they liked better was interested - someone like Kent Austin, currently the head coach at Cornell University whom they pursued a year ago, before hiring Cortez.

Beginning a search for a new general manager in mid-December is something no CFL team would want to do - unless they knew exactly who they were going to hire. Which may just be the case in Hamilon.

It's worth noting that Austin - who left the CFL five years ago after leading the Saskatchewan Roughriders to a 2007 Grey Cup win - was in Toronto during Grey Cup week.

Hamilton president Scott Mitchell has close ties to Austin's agent - Gil Scott - having been his business partner before taking over the Ticats. So it's certainly possible the groundwork for a deal could have been laid before Cortez's firing.

Ivy League head coaching jobs such as Cornell's are worth in the range of $350-$400 thousand dollars per season, a figure the Ticats would certainly be able to approach by offering him both the head coach and general manager titles.

Austin has said nothing publicly on the matter and the Ticats refuse to comment on the speculation.

But it will surprise no one if he appears underneath the Tiger-Cats Christmas tree later this month.

"Hopefully Mitchell isn't around to fire him if he doesn't get us in the playoffs next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

But if that's the case, GOTC, and a new President is put in place, will this person want their own GM? Then what will happen to the incumbent (be it Austin or anyone else)?

Makes me wonder why Austin (or anyone else) would want to walk into that scenario, unless they will get some guarantee beforehand.

I fear for that and for the decisions made before and after!!

They would get a guarantee.... their MASSIVE contract (especially if its Austin).

If any of these numbers prove to be true, with his signing of an Austin contract, Mitchell will reach both a new high and yet another new low! Ridiculous.

Mitchell may be gone, however the Caretaker will still be there. He will have final say on whether the new president gets to fire the old guy or not. That will depend on his record more than anything else.

Bob has always been clear that the buck stops with him.

I think Austin or whoever will be fine, if they can get results.

To be trueful I would be happier with Cortez and G.Marshall as DC ,it would be less of a disruption to the team.

Now we are starting all over again!

So the team will only owe Austin $1.5 million after he is fired next November? And they still gotta pay Bellefeuille and Cortez,too. Look for the 2014 season seat prices to skyrocket.

Too bad The Cats could not get him in here last year. Better late than never. KH has a great football mind. I hope he can bring results like he did in Sask. Wont happen right away and I'm ok with that. Keep him around if he does sign here.

KH? You mean KA. :wink:

Yes KA.....my bad