Dave Naylor joining TSN on the television side

David William Naylor?Verified account@TSNDaveNaylor 12h12 hours ago

Today is my last @NaylorLandsberg show. Staying with TSN, moving to the television side, working with @CFLonTSN and more.

Great news for us. He is leaving TSN 1050 Toronto. He was muzzled there and wouldn't let him talk football.

We saw him on the panel Sat night. He is a class guy and I will enjoy the broadcasts even more.

I love the guys on the panel but Naylor has a very different personality. The guy knows his CFL and he mixed well with the rest of the panel. Now if TSN would just get rid of Duanne Forde and Rod Black

Won't happen - as I've indicated before Rod & Duane, especially Rod have "Special Status" at TSN. Although their amateurish announcing demean the game the real enemy here is the small group of tall foreheads at Bell/TSN who enable a mook like Black and a below average analyst like Forde to do nearly 50% of the games on this network.

Whoa, this is great. I've had a little bit of interaction with Dave and he's super knowledgable about the league; even gave us some feedback about the website on the stats side of things. Good for him and the league!

First get Forde away from Black. He's an idiot who is so clueless he doesn't even know he looks like a moron on screen. I hear even figure skating fans don't like him. Personally I think he has compromising pictures of someone; no other explanation for how he stays on the air.

Second, put Forde on the panel and ban him from games. He is the worst colour man they have by far. He gets led down the path of idiocy too easily by Black, is constantly off topic and misses a lot of important stuff on the field. The only time he has anything of value to contribute is about the quarter stats.

Maybe on the panel where he has time to consider what he wants to say he would be able to show something. As a colour man he comes across as a more intelligent form of stupid than Black.

Naylor on the other hand is a great addition.

With Giant Chris Shultz ailing, Gary Lawless fleeing the coup to Las Vegas (media shill for their new NHL team), PLOP (Lapolice) no longer doing coaching segments at half-time, Henry Burris phoning in his brief and chippy segments - TSN is really crying out for some additional talent.

This also skirts the line with Black & Forde allowed to continue on poisoning whatever broadcasts they do.

The mooks who run TSN CFL must have noticed their non pbp content was down to Dunigan, Rod Smith & Stegall dominating half-times and no real pepper pots doing stuff, either during the games or during the week.

Bringing Naylor on board solves the absence of the prickly Lawless but nothing can overcome the continued presence of Incompetent Rod Black on the programming.

TSN radio still can't figure out a morning show. I found Naylor to be incredibly boring on the radio. He's fine when he's talking football, not much of a personality outside of that. Will be alright on the panel though.

Agreed he doesn't have any on air personality but he has great knowledge and insight. Alone he would be a disaster but Milt easily offsets his stiff personality. A panel of all Milts would not be good either, you need a mix of personalities and Naylor brings that serious professional tone that balances the humour and lightness of Stegall and Dunnigan.

It's the whole rather than the sum of its parts that made it work last weekend.

I would be careful what you wish for... we could end up with Mark Lee & Chris Walby('ol marble mouth) doing TSN games... that would be a huge calamity for the CFL broadcasts...


Mark Lee was one of my fave CFL broadcasters.

Better than all 3 current TSN broadcasters. IMO

1 - Don Chevrier

2 - Pat Marsden

3 - Johnny Esaw

4 - Don Wittman

5 - Mark Lee

You lost me at Pat Marsden.

You can't be serious?! The man in sports I have ever seen that approaches the same level of stupidity as Black (although Rowdy Rod is still way in front in a league of his own). Marsden's not only an idiot he's a self centred douchebag. There's a good reason he never made it past just football as a broadcaster.

Mark Lee was not bad and Walby was way better than Black or Forde. Honestly, a plate of moldy cheese would be a step up from Black.

I've always liked Dave Naylor, the more of him on CFL broadcasts and that, the better IMHO.

Did I miss something. Is he ailing or is this just something you throw around as a fact?

Incredible powers of deduction. He's ailing. If he were fired or quit TSN would have rounded up a posse of mopes and determined who gets the 3rd chair. Thus the only possible conclusion - in the absence of any information by TSN (or Chris himself) is that he's ailing (either physically, mentally or family situation)

Escaping the clutches of Anxious Michael Landsbergh is a solid outcome for Nails Naylor - - - in the last couple years of his horrid TSN afternoon show Landsbergh was nearly impossible to watch! Possibly the only guy who could give Rod Black a run for his money in a broadcasters sewer!

Ok...so it's your opinion then like the rest of your constant negative descriptions of just about everybody.

I think he's probably ailing as well fwiw. That's an opinion.

Pretty good list - personally I'd have Marsden bumped down to 5th spot on your list. I've met all the guys on the list except for Esaw - did some work for Wittman when he was with CBC-TV in Winnipeg back in the late 60s, early 70s; worked with Chevrier when he was doing Battle of the Stars curling from St. James Civic Centre (Wpg.) back around 1972-73 (Vera Pezer exterminated Orest Meleschuk in a famous Man vs. Woman curling game. Met Mark Lee when I broadcast Manitoba Bison football back around 1975-77 when he was just getting his feet wet with CBC - also met Steve Bisonhead (aka Armitage). Chevrier had the best set of pipes ever to broadcast football in Canada - not the most learned guy but in broadcasting intelligence runs secondary to telling a great story. Black is the worst storyteller in the history of history.
Rounding out the Top 10 - CC Chris Cuthbert, John "Not" Wells, Bob Irving (CFN), Rod Smith, the kid who does Raptors games and has donea few CFL games. Still say Derek DT Taylor should get a crack at doing CFL games - Rotten Rod is 55/56 and has reached rock bottom. Whats the benefit of keeping him on?