Dave Fleming deserves Wall of Fame Honour

Running Back Dave Fleming was an integral part of the Ti-Cats .

Dave was a leader who played a bigger part to the winning Ti-Cat teams he was on then people realise.

He was an All Star in 1970 and played his whole CFL career as a Ti-Cat.

Dave Fleming deserves to be on the Wall of Fame .

I think leadership and dieication to one team should be a factor in chosing wall of fame inductees.

Who gets the honour of picking candidates?

Former players ;coaches and management I would assume.

He was a nominee for the Cats Claws' Walk of Fame this year, but was out-voted by Ozzie.

Dave Fleming was also a defensive back with the Cats.His most famous play was probably the controversial catch in the 72 Grey Cup in the north west endzone at Ivor Wynn.If you saw the Mark Walburg film about the Philadelphia bartender who makes the Eagles under Dick Vermeil,Dave Fleming came from the same background.He went from highschool football to the Steelers camp.We had another outstanding back with a similar story.His name was Willie Bethea.Both would be worthy additions to the wall,in my opinion.
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Totally agree.........."The Fly" should go on the Wall....... :cowboy:

Yes, he was out of bounds but the Riders ran a blatant pick on their TD so it was a wash.

The Fly gets my vote; one of the most versatile Ticats ever - HB, RB, FB, SB, DB.
When he played DB, nobody caught passes in his area.
On offense, he still holds the Ticat record for the longest pass reception for a TD (108 yds vs Argoooos).
Also until a few years ago he was the only player who was in both the top 10 all-time Ticat receivers AND top 10 all-time Ticat rushers.

I mean this in the most loving way

but whether he is put on
the Wall of Fame or
on the Walk of Fame.

Dave is such a big whacko
I'd buy a ticket to his dinner

to hear he and his team-mates
tell stories about each other
in a New York minute.


He would fit right in with
the boys on the Walk of Fame.