Dave Easley for D coordinator

Our D looks totally confused almost every play.
I’m sure the coordinator is a good football man but the CFL game has him totally confused. With all the motion and different formations, his inability to adapt to certain situations is obvious.
My solution for the remainder of the year would be to make Dave Easley the coordinator for the remainder of the season. Easley has done a tremendous job with the special teams this year. He’s had cfl experience as a defensive coordinator with BC and Ottawa.
I think we could replace a unexperienced cfl coordinator with a proven cfl coordinator quite easily. :cowboy:

Easley would be the only logical option for an instant, in-house fix. I would have no problems with that move if made.

Oski Wee Wee,

Lookie up,
Dave Easley did a good job in BC and Ottawa as a D-Coordinator. Probably the best facet of our game this year has been the incredible improvment in our coverage teams. I can’t recall a Cat team, in recent years, that can cover kicks like this one…credit Dave Easley. This guy understands the Canadian game and has loads of experience with the db’s, the d-line, and linebackers. He’s the obivous choice to replace O’Neal. :cowboy:

As long as he is wearing a hat and is not on TV I am fine. I can not stand his face, it makes me mad. lol