Dave Dickenson's last concussion?


Dickenson has been placed on the nine-game reserve list. Ben Sankey has been signed by the Stamps to take his roster spot. We may have seen Dickenson for the last time as an active player.

Oski Wee Wee,

Wow, scary stuff. I didn't see him get injured because I didn't watch the whole game. That is really ominous. I hope DD will bow out while he still can. Football is not worth your life.

I am no neurologist, but I have seen enough of the Youngs, Aikmans, Romanowskis, and Ted Johnsons to know that there is a limit. I really hope Dave gets out before he risks permanent injury to himself.

Oski Wee Wee,

Dave should have retired after the last one in BC. It makes me feel sick to see him allow this to happen to himself.

Here's hoping he's able live a healthy life post-football.

That is the most important thing Safetyblitz. Knowing when to say when and get out with enough faculties remaining to live.

I couldnt agree with you more. He should have hung them up already. I hope he makes the tough decision this time..or at the very least...his doctors make it for him.

Dave would be another exellent candidate for Offensive Coordinator in the CFL.
I hope he considers this as an option.

Sad to see, but Dickenson has no one to blame but himself for coming back for another season and risking injuries like this. God, when will pro athletes learn that they're not indestructible and they don't have some special pass from debilitating injuries?

Good luck to you, Dave. You were a helluva quarterback who just didn't know when to walk away.

8) and don't forget Matt Dunnigan either Russ !!!!


Oski Wee Wee,

This is really sad news. DD is the consummate pro, a guy who exudes leadership by example. If this is the end of his career, I hope he continues his association with the CFL in some other capacity.

An Argo-Cat fan

A TSN update:

"Dickenson admitted that his previous concussions played a role in his decision to shut it down.

"In a sense, I don't feel anywhere near what I did in the past [after the other concussions]. When you take a normal hit and you don't feel yourself, it's telling. I just didn't feel as sharp as I wanted to."

Dickenson credited Stamps' head coach John Hufnagel and trainer Pat Clayton with helping making the decision, noting that with his history they advised him to "take a step back."

"I've been through it alot. I know what's going on.""


Sounds like he's done.

He wants to help the team in their gameplanning and work with the QBs. I hope that this might lad to greater things in the coaching realm as time goes by. DD's ability to take defences apart at his best may translate into the coordinator/HC area in the future. I wish him well.

Oski Wee Wee,

Thank goodness he's finally realized his health is more important than one more year playing professional football. There are more important things in life, like family. He had a great career and possibly can continue in the league in another capacity. Good luck Dave and take care of yourself.

Why feel sorry for him? It's his own damn fault, there are helmets designed to prevent concussions yet he chose not to wear one even with the ridiculous amount of concussions he's had. He wanted to be the tough guy, so tough shit he got a career ending blow to the head.

Who peed in your oatmeal this morning...?

This is another human being here, who will be dealing with this for the rest of his life.

I trust that if he was a steelworker or a cop, you would be the first to feel sorry for him.

Try to look beyond the confines of IWS for a sec. This is a loss for the whole league, a player who for a time dominated, and yeah maybe he should have retired but for many of these guys, football is ALL there is.

I hope you never have your livelihood taken away from you. However if you do, I hope that the posters out here would show a bit more class than you have.

Yes Dave Dickenson is one of the several QB's I enjoy watching....
Ricky Ray leads that group of entertaining passers, Buck Pierce and a few more .(none in Ti-Cat land sighhh.....
I'll miss DD.....

DD still could have worn one of those extra padded helmets with the visor, and he could have worn an extra shock absorbant mouthguard with a thicker chinstrap.

So do I. His ability to surgically pick apart opposing defences makes him a good candidate for an offensive coordinator position.

Hamilton could use a good offensive coordinator.....and DD and Obie certainly have a relationship.

I wonder..............

Yes, but it could have been prevented, he chose not to wear the special extra padded helmet because he thought it looked stupid. He's a complete moron for taking that risk, also the league and the Stamps are at fault here also, it should be mandatory to wear the special helmet if you've had a history of concussions.