Dave Dickenson's injury

I'm just wondering if any of you B.C. fans know whether or not he actually got a concussion. I think its bad for the entire league when any great player goes down because of an injury. Is he expected to play vs. Winnipeg, and if not will Printers be starting or will they stick with Buck Pierce?

From what I've heard, Pierce is prepping for Monday's game against Winnipeg. DD had a first degree concussion, and no decisions will be made until the doctors see how he is at practice on Wed.

I heard on the radio Dickenson say that he's feeling pretty good . And will practise , but will have to wait till wednesday to see if he'll play.

I have known people affected by head injuries before in sports and accidents. First degree concussion is the mildest one. If Dickenson was a hospital patient, he would probably be released on the same day. Since this injury is not too serious with a week to recover, Dickenson is likely to return to action unless there is another reason.

From what I've heard DD was feeling better but like was previously stated we'll probably going to have to wait until practise tomorrow. I can't see Casey playing this week if Dave is hurt, it will probably be Buck. If Casey does play it will only show that he is looking out for himself and not the team. If Casey is as hurt as he says he is he won't dress for this week's game.

Tough luck for BC. Good thing you guys only have Winnipeg this week.

Best of luck.


never under estimate ay team. the eskimoes went from beating BC for BC’s first loss and then went on to loss to the Ti-Cats the following week. If DD doesn;t play the bombers hae a great chance. Me being a Blue and Gold Fanatic Will Be at the game in my memoribelia to cheer the Bomber’s on to victory.

He recieved a level 3 concussion.. NOt sure if he will be in teh next game... Poor Dave... We need him since Printers is to "weak" to play for us... Good thing we got Buck...

If BC is smart they will keep DD out for the game. It really is a meaningless game for everyone involved. BC is going to finish first and Winnepeg is going to miss the playoffs, why risk the injury. It gives Pierce a chance to start a game. This is good, because he will be the back up next year.

I agree with you budha, give Pierece some more playing experience. I can see him being a starter in a few years if he gets some more experiences. I wish the best for Dave Dickenson and his recovery, and thats coming from an Eskimos fan.

No need to rush him back in...if we lose three in a row, some will light their hair on fire, but for the long term, its probably best he make a full recovery.

if u guys had a decent o-line, u'd be 13-0! the guys can't protect the qb's and u have 2 banged up star qb's as a result. it's only a matter of time before buck's bubble bursts! .... or maybe he is the real deal and u guys have 3 bonafide qb's. wotever the case, if printers and dickenson (and pierce) weren't so damn good, u'd be in a world of trouble. i hope my bombers beat bc, but after losing 2 straight, i honestly think that bc will kick our ass!

I agree with you that the O-line is having some problems...but the O-line is nut fully to blame. The QB's are holding on to the ball too long, and some of the recievers are simply not getting open quickly enough. Defensive coverage has been very good the last two games, and our QB's have paid for that.

hwgill: It has been more then a couple of games. You do not give up the most sacks in the league in a couple of games. Your O-line needs as much help as the ESKS, maybe more we have three healthy quarterbacks

The one thing that I have never been sold on is Dickenson's health. He has never played a full season. I know the last one was a good hit and it was a concusion, which nothing can really been to prevent besides not getting hit. Diskenson is making big money and not playing a full season. :?:

My point was, the improvement in defensive coverage in the last two games is why the Leos have lost the last two games. The problems, however, have been there since the beginning.

better have your 4th and 5th string qb's ready becoz with your "offensive" o line, buck may not last long either! pathetic that you guys have so much talent yet no one to protect it! i think the bombers d is licking their chops at getting a few licks in!!!

I guess the Lions must be just shaking in their boots because the Bombers are just so much scarier than say , the Riders , Als or Esks Right?? Oh , what are we going to do?