Dave Dickenson...

Ok I hate it when people say Dave Dickenson is a whimp and that he gets injured to easily. Well watcha expect when the O-Line sucks and allows him to get sacked 52 times. You can't expect to maintain a healthy QB with pathetic offensive linemen. So stop blaming DD !!!!! If anything he's tough as nails being able to play as much as he played this season getting sacked all those times. I hope Dave Dickenson comes back next year.

Sorry...Super Dave is over-rated. Too bad he will be here next year, as Wally will trade Casey, as we all know. Dave is too small, not mobile enough and can't throw much past 40 yards.

Not saying Dave is a whimp...but look historically he has never had a season without injury... even when he was in Calgary... we need to think long term.

Im sorry but if Wally trades Printers he needs to trade himself aswell,Would kinda be like shooting yourself in the head would it not???.Bottom line Dave needs to go trade or retirment who cares but he is too old....Deff aint know Damon Allen :lol:

There is no way that the Leos can sign Printers and have Dickenson at the same time. What excuse are they going to use to explain exceeding the cap...O'mahony's? "Maybe you guys willed us to do it, that's why we went over the cap. You jedis suck."

And there is no way these two guys will survive another year of "QB share and care" routine. pppross is right. Casey's on his way out, Wally's actions pretty much speak for who his number one guy is. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing tho. If Pierce can get into the Dickenson Mould, we could have the next coming of Matt Dunigan... ok, notsomuch, but... Pierce does have potential.

I think Casey's our best bet to trade away (sorry Casey, my man). His market value is the best way to solidify our O-line anyway. Dickenson will do for another year behind a better O-line. Let him ride out his contract. It will be up end of next year.

If the Lions allow Printers to get away it will be their biggest mistake since losing Larry Highbaugh. A healthy Printers is the new Warren Moon and the long term success of the Lions. Wally should be out the door if he advocates for Dickenson - I am really tired of this moron squinting on the sidelines trying to figure out what is going wrong.

When we lost Flutie, I knew we lost the crowd, that man was electric! Always remember him scrambling around for what felt like an eternity, then launching it down field and doing the trade mark bouncing up and down. Then watching him run downfield with both arms up after the completion. Unbelievable!

The crowd ate that shtick up, man! And that’s actually my biggest fear for the Leos when Printers takes off. Say what you will of him, he’s electrifying and most people won’t come back for tickets without seeing number 1 on the roster.

But again, Printers is out fishing, man, and he does have the opportunity to throw back offers till he catches ’ the big one.’ And I really think that the the big one has details similar to Smilin’ Hanky: Number one in play and number one in pay… can’t say I blame him… he’s what, 23, and he could set himself up for a huge payoff…

If Printers goes to another cfl team, i am not comming back as a fan no matter how good they are., if he goes to the nfl and stays then i will give the lions a third chance.Because we can't do anything abut it.

Dave is like Damon Allen.. when they are on they are on.. but can't be counted on for stability. Look what I am saying is if you look at DD's history he has never lasted a season without injury. We need to have somebody like a casey no matter what anyone says. If we pay him he will put it all on the line for us. With Buck as the backup we have a winning combo. You may think Casey is as a self centered but hey isn't Dave. Sorry but time to go DD. Side note here I saw the National Post today and on the sports page was "Big DAN" ... yes ... good for SECTION 38!!!

DD is too old, Casey is young, and can be trained, and mature into the position.

I can't believe that most of you want to get rid of Dave!!! I think it is time for Casey to go, swelled head and all. He is nothing but a hot dog and I don't really care if you guys bash me, I'm not listening. Where were all of your complaints when the team was 11-0?? No where to be found. The Lions will be making a big mistake if they get rid of Dave, as he is a proven winner. He would have been the MOP hands down if he didn't try to stop that guy in the Saskatchewan game and your boy Printers would have kept whining all season. Casey proved this season that last season was a FLUKE as his only good game, where he led the team to victory, was against the worst team in the league (Winnipeg). I will not go to another Lions game if Casey is their QB, next season and beyond. If you looked up the word hot-dog there would be a picture of Casey next to it. If Wally shores up the O-line Dave will lead us to the Grey Cup next year. Casey, well, he can go down to the NFL and hold a clip board.

Did you not read the article in the Province today? DD is the one coming across as an arrogat ass, not Casey. Casey also stated that his first priority is the Lions. DD's first priority is himself.

btw, I did b***h about DD back in August, and before. My wife and I were both extremely pissed off that he was constatnly holding on to the ball when he should have been throwing it. Fact is, DD is too short (he can't even see over his O-line!), too old, and waaaaaay to injury prone. Not a single seaason has he ever completed.

Casey is the arogant one not Dave. I do not read the Province because it is not worth the paper it is printed on. Besides the media is in love with Casey and his inflated ego. Casey is a ONE SEASON WONDER, who did not throw a TD pass in his last 2 starts, and this is the QB you want to pin the Lions future on????? NOT ME. Vancouver is not big enough to hold Casey's ego. What was the point to Casey's 20 minute rant on Tuesday??? Every second word out of his mouth was "I", HE'S AROGANT. IF Casey is so "GREAT" how come he wasn't able to rally the team on Sunday??? He's not as good as everyone thinks he is.

He did rally the team, 3 minutes just wasn't enough time. From the same point of view, why didn't DD fire up the troops and blow Edmonton out of the stadium?

Hey guy's didn,t here the newas todaY ON mojo , they talked to cassys agent he said they are days within making a deal it is going to happen gu,ys so all you dd fans he is gone face it he is still a great quaterback, but his time is done here he could not get the job done here,he lost the gray cup and last weeks western final, he is older and i agree is too short our linemen in this league know are almost as big as nfl linemen, and if you look at all the great quaterbacks in our league all the ggod ones can scamble realy well and are tall, so ggod luck to dave and i hope does well where ever he shows up, he has been a big part of turning this organization around. When we sighn printers and it is offical i am going to get my season tickets for next year but i want to make sure it is offical first. Go Printers gooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Are you sure about that? If so, it’s great news!


Well if that's true and the deal is with the Lions then I eat everything else I've posted. I guess they are taking adavantage of the no trade clause in Dave's contract. It expires before next season starts.. I think...

Casey. Casey, my man...

IF the rumor is true, the Lions are making a BIG mistake. You want mediocre football you'll get it. Your beloved Casey has proven NOTHING. 10 good games does not a career make. Just look at the way he played against Saskatchewan and Edmonton (in the regular season). I for one will not be following the Lions as Dave is the man and where he goes I go. That is okay though because I will save money by NOT getting seasons tickets. It is a total joke that you people as well as others in this town, including the media, want to run Dave out of town on a rail. Well get ready for mediocre football guys because I guarantee that the Lions will not win a Grey Cup with the pompous and arogant "all mighty" Casey at QB. You want a 1-5 starter as your man, well good luck to you all because you'll need it. Some people call Casey charasmatic, it is really called c*ckiness and arogance. The Lions problems last Sunday ran deeper than Dave as the starter. Look at the offensive line, the secondary, the kicking game. Having Casey as the starter will not solve all of the Lions problems.

No, it won’t, but it will get rid of the “who’s starting” bulls**t that we had this year.

Have you ever met Casey? I have. The kid is softspoken, but confident. He is not arrogant in the slightest.