Dave Dickenson

Taman get on the phone and sign him. Use Kevin Glenn as the back up. Can you imagine what he could do with our offence with the protection of our O Line. They could protect his soft head and he can shread defenses like no other. Milt might return as well. We would have a good 1-2 punch and would be cup contenders for sure.

to bad he will most liekly retire because of his soft head.

Yeah he would have handled those Riders just like he did in the western final lol. He's too brittle for football any more time to retire

Hamilton Spectator Sports journalist,
Steve Milton predicts in today's column

'Dave Dickenson...stays in Vancouver
at greatly reduced playing salary,

and as much of a coaching stipend
that the Lions can slip past CFL auditor.


A link to his column can be found
in a thread here on ticats.ca called

'Patience is the operative word'

In response to all the well-meaning sports fans
who diagnose injuries based on limited information
and recommend that pro athlete A. B, C etc. retire

I said this yesterday

and as long as people keep offering medical advice
I will keep offering this same common sense advice .

'He is an intelligent man.

He and his doctors will decide
whether it's safe to continue,

not one of us, whose only diagnostic tools
are, what we read in the news papers.

I always remember when Tracy Hamm
was speaking openly about retiring

and Coach Ron Lancaster went on the field
after defeating his team in the play offs

and told him 'you are a long time retired
so when you make that decision to retire
make sure it is right one.'

.....when Wally officially bids you adieu....and you still want to play the game....you can put your money on one thing ....he won't be in Van,playing for the leos.... :wink:

I can't see Dave staying in B.C. to only be a back up hes' to competitive and i'm sure he would really be a distraction for the team if he was back up. He wants to be the stater (remember the Printer days) I say he goes to Toronto or Montreal?

no thanks for wpg, dinnwidies shaping up quite nicely a a back up, dave is far to expenive and would cause a controversy for sure.

I think Dave has to realize he will most likely be only be a backup if he wants to still play. You can't invest the amount of money in him as a starter with his injury prone past. A low base with many incentives maybe for games played and so on if he does become the starter eventually, but his big paydays are over. Not in the salary cap era.

....IF the Bombers go into next year with the same qb. contigent as this.....and the same scenario happens....Glenn sitting without an experienced back-up...we could end up behind the eight-ball again....Dinwiddie is NOT experienced enough to carry this team....that will only come with time...There will be however a couple of 'experienced' qbs. available and i think it would be foolish not to pursue one for insurance....anyone thinking that Dinwiddie will be ready ...even next year...to be a starter (which is required when you lose one)....are quite frankly fooling themselves...i believe i said in the last off-season that Glenn could go down and we'd be out of luck....and guess what happened??????i wouldn't want that same crap happening again in 08....that would spell 'disaster' for this club.. :expressionless:

I agree with zeig, dickenson can only be used as a backup, his history of injuries and all. And how can you take Kevin Glennm who got us to the Grey Cup this year and make him a backup? I think he's proven himself.

Marty York reports that Wally Buono will "Fleece" Brendan Taman one more time. Dave Dickenson and Kato the Equipment manager will be dealt to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers for Milt Stegal, and BC Boy Neil McKinnly plus three first round draft picks. Taman was quoted as saying, we are giving up a bit of experience in Milt to get Dickenson, but it will be the missing piece of the puzzle for next year. Getting the Equipment manager will put us over the top.

If Marty York reports it, then it must be true! :wink: :wink:

sure dinwiddie cant win starting againt sask in the grey cup, but he can probably win us a few reg. seasonm games if Glenn goes down papa, it isnt worth it to pursue dave, we wont have the cap space

...oh, i;m not totally sold on D.D. as the guy we need....there are other qbs. with experience that will free-up... Dickensen, in order to fit our money situation, may not work ...unless he's prepared to play the incentive game...You have to remember that D.D. is probably going to play somewhere...and depending on the team that does take him on ,could result in another experienced qb. hitting the market, if we don't sign Dave....We'll see....i know one thing, we HAVE to strengthen our quarterbacking situation...failing to do that ....and i'm saying it right now..... will only result in it coming back to bite us in the a$$ once again... :wink: