Dave Dickenson traded for Mike Weir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

Thanks Turkey... you made me laugh....

I liked this one too. Weir can't play on Sundays anyway

On a serious note...did
Dickenson sustain a concussion today or was Suitor just talking out of his ass again... If Dickenson did sustain a concussion...he should be forced to retire.
I don't think that you will find anyone who disagrees that he'd be a great coach.... Force him to become a coach before his brain gets scrambled.

i wonder who has more concussions, dickenson or the argos owners that still dont know how to spend money correctly on offensive playmakers.

I thought Dickenson would have rallied the troops and pull off a Calgary win.

Guess there is only one team in west that can win with 2nd and third stringers

good luck friday
continue to beat each other up

someone left the turkey 2 long at room temp.! and it's brain dead! used 2 it!

Weir choked big time yesterday, so he would be a good fit in Calgary with Burris... :wink:

โ€ฆdid Weir suffer a concussion yesterdayโ€ฆVJ Singh thinks soโ€ฆ :lol:

So true, thanks for the laugh