Dave Dickenson to the Hall?

Very talented player, but only 22000 yards? Does he deserve to go in?
I say no, but Im glad he is going in.. To bad, he didnt play more games. He was very smart, but took too much of a beating.

Bungle, do you have anything good to say about the CFL ?????

No he doesn't...

Dont impose your own perceptions onto me. Obviously you two dont believe that he belongs in the hall...How did I not state that this was not good?.. I state that he is talented ,and that Im happy he is going in.. However, this is the equivelent of going in to the Hockey Hall of fame with 300 goals scored.. Its a low number, but he was a very talented player.. Eric lindross would be a shoo in with criteria this easy.

Oh it's very obvious what I think lol. I've stated no opinion

If I had to wager, I'd say he was inducted because of his record-high completion percentage over close to 10 seasons, his CFL MOP award and his Grey Cup championships. Total passing yards are just one of many numbers. :stuck_out_tongue:

If not for repeated concussions, Dickenson could have easily landed as one of the greatest to ever play this game, rivaling the likes of Ray for method and precision.

during his sporadic tenure, he was the cream of the crop but his numbers have been eclipsed by many QB's who are not in the Hall (e.g. Burgess, Austin, Joseph, Dewalt, Barrett) so it is a difficult determination due to lack of reps.

It will definitely be curious to see whether journeyman Kevin Glenn makes the Hall given he currently sits in 6th place all-time (soon to be 5th early next season) yet is without a single championship to his resume.

I think Chris Williams should be next. While he didn't play a traditional full career in the CFL, and his stats don't put him anywhere near the upper echelon, he was dominant during the few seasons he was here. He won two outstanding player awards, led the league in TDs, and broke a record for return TDs in a season.

Then Cameron Wake. Again, only two seasons, but they were great ones.

Can I hear Rocket Ismail?

It's the Extrapolation Theory. Imagine how good he would have been if he'd played longer. Imagine what kind of a season he might have had if he'd played in more games. Next year I'm looking to up the ante: an outstanding player award for someone who has only played, let's say ... 6 games?