Dave Dickenson Released

Lions release Dave...I think he should retire.


I agree, but something tells me he will end up somewhere.... Not with Hamilton for sure

He is an intelligent man.

He and his doctors will decide
whether it's safe to continue,

not one of us, whose only diagnostic tools
are, what we read in the news papers.

I always remember when Tracy Hamm
was speaking openly about retiring

and Coach Ron Lancaster went on the field
after defeating his team in the play offs

and told him 'you are a long time retired
so when you make that decision to retire
make sure it is right one.'

Todays actions point towards him playing next season. If we was contemplating retirement he has until Midnight Dec 31'st to retire and not hit the lions with a Cap hit. That way he could have retired as a Lion ( who knows maybe he wants to retire as a stamp - stranger things have happened ).
My gut is telling me that this was a 2 way issue. The lions need to know what they have to spend to sign JJ and other free agents and if no one is willing to trade for Dave which is doubtful given the price of his contract - a mutual release helps both of them.
The lions get to bank on the extra cash now to go to work with. Dave is free to sign a contract that is for alot less coin but high on incentives if he stays health. Doubtful anyone would trade for him given his medical history and the size of the contract. But if you could get him for nothing and only pay big if he stays healthy, I could think of atleast 3 teams that would jump on that ( Toronto - Montreal - Edmonton )

can you say Toronto :slight_smile:

Going to the Blue Bombers Taman already talking to him