Dave Dickenson RELEASED!

.. as of tomorrow afternoon. as per tsn.


I believe they will sign him and keep either JJ or Peirce but not both. Which one do you keep though? You have to think it's going to be Peirce starting with DD backing him up next season. JJ is under contract I believe for another season so has value to them. They could get something that would improve the lions immediately from Edmonton or even Montreal. Calgary - Saskatchewan - BC - Winnipeg - Hamilton seem to be set at the QB position for now.

i hope it is true!!! get rid of jj also, a healthy peirce will win us a cup!!! get rid of the old one...

That would be my guess. Cut so you can resign DD as a back up/mentor to Buck. Get Buck locked down on atleast a 3 year contract.

Then trade JJ. He is a great QB and is still under contract for next season so has good value. I'm sure the Lions could get a good return on him.

This is not meant to stir anything in the lions area ( being that I'm a rider fan living in BC :slight_smile:, however when they pulled JJ so soon in the western final it just felt like the DD/Printers issue all over again. If I was JJ I would want to either have the reigns without DD around or be traded - just my thoughts

actually todays province has a little on it and says DD will take a month or so before deciding to retire or play next year. It mentions Toronto as a possible landing spot. I thought Dave was under contract so cutting him then seeing him move elsewhere makes no sense - guess time will tell

I don't get it...didn't he have another year on his contract or was it an option?

JJ is a legitimate QB and I hope both BP and JJ come back for nxt season?

So soon?? They left him in too long I thought, when it was obvious the guy wasn't getting it done. He was 3 for 12 with 2 interceptions......those numbers will get you on the bench, and deservedly so, even if one of the interceptions wasn't his fault.

I don't get it...didn't he have another year on his contract or was it an option?

JJ is a legitimate QB and I hope both BP and JJ come back for nxt season?

He may be - this might be another Eric Lindros case. No one may ever know but the lions may have tried shopping DD around and finding no takers need to release him to free up Cap space for the upcoming off season free agents. There will be teams that will gladly sign DD but it will be incentive based contracts based on games played etc and if the parties agreed to a mutual release then the Lions wouldn't take a cap hit and he is free to negotiate any contract he wants. Of course this is just speculation and is only meant to bring forth discussion. http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/news_story/?ID=223708&hubname=

Sounds like it may just be cap related and if no one would take a full out 400k a year contract then this is the only route to go if he wants to play next year. If he was finished one would believe he would have just retired - so this suggests he is not done.

you see dickenson is gone, We shaould have kept Casy printers, these other 2 quaterbacks we have are not going to do the job i do not see Buck Pierce or JJ doing much.

Lions season next year will be bad.

here is our record 6-12 Get rid of wally that is were the problem is.

Dupsdell.... man we had to read your garbage all year.. now do I look forward to the whole off season of the same old stuff you always write??? If you know so much why are you not coaching in this league or your much loved NFL. Look go away like you promised.. so go join the Canucks forum and bad mouth them.. they aren't so hot.

I thought Jarious did a good job this year (and Buck). I think part of it with JJ was that it always seemed to take a bit to get him going in a game. He often started slow and picked it up after his confidence got going. Although, in a Grey Cup game, there's not much room to be patient. But many times the case was that he had a poor start and then really got going in the second half.

I was shocked when I saw this on the CFL page. No coaching role for him, I guess?

Buck already signed an extension last year. Its JJ that doesn't have a contract

Again your an idiot!!! Wally tried to sign Printers when he was here,but he turned it down for a shot at being on a practice roster IN THE NFL. Could not sign C.P when the Chiefs released him because of the penalty of going over the Salary Cap in which you don't understand.Right now C.P has spent most of the season injured with Hamilton not being well liked by his new teammates.
Yes we heard the same crap from you when Dave went down earlier this year, that you predicted that they would finish the second half at 2-7. And then you jump back on the bangwagon and said that if JJ starts in the WF they would win! And now your telling us they're going to be bad next year????
Hey Dupsdell, if you want to get rid of Wally that bad who would you suggest?? Remember a couple of things here, What was the Lions record before Wally showed up the last 5 years? And who did we have for a Back qb if or when we had an AGING QB IN ALLEN GO DOWN??? We had no one. Think before you post!!! Sorry forgot you don't think!! Your just a bangwagon fan.

Well, I don't know what the Lions' record was before Wally showed up, but I do know that it's not a good idea to call another member an idiot. :wink:

Having Ackles and Wally here has turned the franchise around.

I don't miss Printers.

Dickenson's health made him a liabillity. The extra $400,000. will help us in other areas.

Pierce and JJ can run this team well.

it was our defence and special teams that kept us the games that JJ couldn't get going...he isn't that good of a qb, a healthy pierce will go much better...lions should go after that kid from winnipeg, looks to be a good future!!!!

I don't know...Jarious was one of 3 qb's on a team that lead the league all year. Didn't do too bad from what I saw.

Your right Chief i shouldn't have called him an idiot and everybody has there own opinion and im fine with it ,but after you have seen some of Dupsdell posts maybe you would understand were the rest of us our coming from.

I think the Lions and Wally made a BAD decision by releasing Dickenson. Jackson proved not only in the West Final but also ALL year that he is TOO INCONSISTENT to be a starter in this league. There were too many times when he got off to slow starts. I sure hope that Buck is the starter next year because I have more faith in Buck than I do in Jarious. Jarious is still an unproven comodity and he is better coming off the bench. I just wish that Dave could have stayed and in combination with Buck the Lions would have been fine, but now with Jarious as the other QB I am no so sure. If JJ is the starter and the Lions end up with a winning record it will be because of the Defense and NOT Jarious.