Dave Dickenson lost

Wow just tracking all the players and noticed that Dickeson stated hw is not going to get any FA's so he could sign his guys. Well ooking at it over 7 pleayers have been picked off so di he go skiing or something?

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Actually it was six

Dave Dickenson isn’t lost , just another beginning

Full disclosure...I'm a Rider fan. I don't believe for a second that Dickenson is "lost." When it comes to Free Agency the Stamps have never really been big players. They seem to rely upon scouting and bringing in new players....and I'd have to say they are the class of the league when it comes to doing that...they always seem to find stud players that make them ultra-competitive.

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Realistically, that's the better route anyways.

It is the beter route but losing Thurmon was stupid. This after he preached he woud work at signing his guys. Bane is another that is dumb to let go. I realize he will replace them but it is getting old to see the STamps do the recruitment for teams each and every year. Lerminx you are right also Bane is a guy the riders will enjoy. But sooner or later that magic Huff has may not work out and then what. The guys they lost this year are going to come back and bite them on the ass.

By the way I am glad they do not go to crazy at FA's as the costs of your team go up dramatically so those players will not be there long for the Riders Sankey is one of them.

Stamps fans do not deserve a super good team. Attendance was lousy despite having great teams.

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