Dave Dickenson is Awesome! (jealous in Hamilton)

I am in Hamilton, and you guys are so lucky to see such great QB's,(and receivers) in action ALL the time.

I was quite pleased to see #12 actually playing a whole half.

Printers is good, but he's no Dave Dickenson!

I got to meet him after the game, and all I can say is that he is awesome!

Yup, that gunslinger, he’s definite class.

Btw, is he growing a moustache, like the rest of the boys?

They have a Magnum P.I. playoff moustache thing going on this year, instead of the playoff beard.

Really hope we can get some photos of the 'staches in the gallery. What fun :lol:

Thanks for your post. I looked at your website , and that is real cool . I really appreciated the enthusiasm for the game it showed all class!
BTW that Casey fellow , he played for us before and had a few pretty good games back then too.

Thanks, I really liked Casey in B.C.
but there he had some receivers...

Dave appeared to be clean shaven,
but I did notice there is a Facebook group,
for that very topic if you're interested.


I'm actually allergic to facebook... gives me the creepies but if the site has some good pics and stories then sure post it, should be good for gits and shiggles.

Btw, hopefully Printers (my man Casey) found some humble pie in KC and will keep his cell phone in his pocket on the sidelines this time around.

Williams is looking pretty good too.