Dave Dickenson CFL Halloween Night

Coach Scowl Face has a sense of humour after all. :thup:

He took his kid trick or treating .

DD dressed up as a CFL coach.

His kid went as ( wait for it ) :


When they got to doorsteps , they would be yelling at each other. :lol:

It is a pointless thread, but I thought some of you might enjoy it.

Nice to know DD, likes to have some fun.

[i]Oh Dave D. Maybe he has a sense of humour, but maybe the refs won't when they hear of this!

Nice way to get the refs "flag happy" at your team, just in time for the playoffs! :lol: [/i]

He would've been better off dressing up as these two characters. That's Zach and Simoni on a visit to the Children's Hospital here in Hamilton :smiley: :rockin: Love these two guys !!! Nothing but pure class :slight_smile:

What a couple of ego-maniacs.
Doing whatever , to gain media attention to boost their own egos.
They both need to stop being selfish and think about others .

KIDDING :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Awesome :thup: :thup: :thup: , and CLASS A all the way.

Real Super Heroes.

I heard about it on the radio.

Andrew Shultz's 55 yard line, has a lot of photos of the Cats at the hospital.

Anyway Dickenson mentioned his kid was a blind ref " not CFL " . :wink:
At least he was diplomatic.

Anyway, I thought he was just yelling at the kid at door steps.

Turns out DD, had a headset and clipboard , while yelling at him while walking. :thup: