Dave Dickenson as Coach?

You heard it here first.


But seems to me that 'asking' permission is going to get you a 'No'.
Do you really think Calgary wants to lose 2 coaches, now that Chris Jones is gone?

Don't think so....

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Who cares pay the $5000 if that's all it is going to cost to get Dave Dickenson as Head Coach of this team


He has already been mentioned as a possible replacement, so no this was not the first place we heard it.


If DD comes here as HC, I can't see Burris coming here...DD benched Burris in Calgary in favour of Tate.

A little concerned over his limited experience however excited about his football knowledge with both CFL and NFL experience.

Both Kavis Reed and PAul LaPolice toiled as Assistants in this league and have had some success as Head Coaches.

He is certainly a front-runner.

I wish I could group Marcel Bellefeuille in the same group as my opening remark :frowning:

IMHO Dave Dickenson would be a great Head Coach for the Cats.
13 seasons of pro football.
In all the games I watched Dickenson play I saw no panic in him.
He is a real thinker, and Head Coaching is something he will excell at.
He has paid his dues and it is his time.
Good on Obie to Interview him.
As far as Hufnagel saying no to the interview, it is standard procedure to allow other teams to interview for an upwards promotion.
If he says no,the Stampeder Organization would have a hard time getting prime candidates to apply ever again!
Just watch what happens to Sask. for canning Greg Marshall after only a 1/2 season.
Do you think another top prospect coach wants to put himself into that situation.
I doubt it.


P. Lapolice winning pct as HC .389
Bellefeuille winning pct as HC .435

Cap’n: Questions:
- which team was in the Grey Cup this year…Hamilton or Winnipeg?
- How long has LaPolice been a HC. How long has Marcel been a HC? Which one has more potential?
- Which team looks the strongest on the field and the best coached?
I think if you answer those questions honestly you will conclude that those two stats are irrelevant. :wink:

To be fair, LaPolice’s success this past season was almost entirely due to Tim Burke’s defense. And if LaPolice was as much involved with the offense’s scheming as their departed OC, and LaPolice did all the play calling during the games, then he should be equally responsible for his team’s lack of scoring and failure, or perhaps moreso. The firing was pure scapegoating.

I would have swept LaPolice out the door, along with Barresi and make Tim Burke the head coach. He’s the ONLY one of the three that got that team to the Grey Cup.

One man’s opinion…

Can't really see Dave as coach he looks a little wimpy and I can't see him tarring a piece off a D Lineman when needed. Maybe he'd be great who the hell knows.

Totally irrelevant

I said some success ... in an 8 team league you are measured by how far you go, not necessarily how you got there.

So you wouldn't classify beating the mighty Alouettes, in Montreal, in the playoffs as "some success"?

That's as far as Kavis Reed got and yet you won't give Bellefeuille the same props even though you say, " in an 8 team league you are measured by how far you go, not necessarily how you got there"

I see some posts over on CFL.ca about Dickenson not wanting to be our H-C. His wife has a business in Calgary and does not want to move. He stayed in Calgary when he was with BC.
There some suggestions that would rather wait to see if Hufnagel stays or Benevides ( who apparently has bad temper) flops after he takes over from Wally Buono.
Not sure how much credence these comments have but it was interesting reading them.
Any bets on Tim Burke?

Kavis turned the Eskimos around in 1 year to the point where they were in the hunt for first place until the last week of the seaon

LaPolice went from 4-14 to a Grey Cup

Bellefeuille couldn't get past the .500 mark ...

Beating the Alouettes was not enough ... especially how poor they played the following week in the Eastern Final ... that win in the Eastern Semi Final means absolutely nothing now ... quit hanging you hat on it

Sounds a bit like Jason Maas ... couldn't function with his wife living out of town

For the right money, he'll move....

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You keep going back and forth.

You said, "you are measured by how far you go, not necessarily how you got there." So then why do you bring up Bellefeuille's record when Reed and Bellefeuille both made it to the division final? Bellefeuille lost it by 16, and Reed lost if by 17, so technically, Bellefeuille got a tad farther. :wink:

Not everybody thinks this way. I wouldn't move under these circumstances... hang the cash. I LOVE my wife.