Dave Dickenson à Calgary pour un autre 3 ans

Dave Dickenson a signé un nouveau contrat de 3 ans avec les Stampeders. Il cumulera les postes de coordonnateur de l'attaque et adjoint à l'entraîneur-chef.

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Today's news is Cortez talking with Winnipeg... Burris and Cortez reunited ???

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C’est plus O’Shea?

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Nah, man, I was too upset to create a thread. :wink: I knew the odds of Dickinson coming east were slim to none, but it still sucks that he's going to stay out in Calgary while we have to put up with Jim Popp impersonating a head coach for at least one more year...

Don't be like that :lol:

Like what? To me, results matter. I'll change my opinion of Jim Popp the head coach if and when he produces results. Not sooner.

Moi aussi.

Jim Popp has played at being a head coach now three times, and each time has been found wanting.

What’s that line about doing the same thing over and expecting a different result?

On parlait de Dickenson :wink: mais je crois que la plupart d'entre nous considèrent que Popp ne tient pas à être entraîneur-chef et il n'a sans doute pas le budget pour en embaucher un. Par contre, lorsqu'il va choisir un nouveau coach, il ne voudra pas que ça tourne encore au cauchemar comme la dernière fois. Alors on peut s'attendre à ce qu'il soit (hélas!) de nouveau sur les lignes de côté en juin prochain.

How would this work for you ?

HC: Jim Popp
OC: Paul Lapolice
QBC: Anthony Calvillo
OLC: Scott Flory
RC: Ben Cahoon
DC: Noel Thorpe
STC: Ray Rychelsky

This is the thing. At some point, all the excuses for why Popp hasn't succeeded as a head coach ring hollow and you have to point the finger at the man himself. So if Popp does decide to coach the team in 2014, to my mind, it should be the absolute last chance for him to prove himself as HC. He's had three kicks at the can and has failed every time. Extenuating circumstances be damned, especially since many of those extenuating circumstances were created by him in the first place (i.e. the Hawkins fiasco). Not many coaches get three or more chances at being head coach with the kind of track record Popp has. So again, given his dismal performance as HC in each of his previous stints, I have no reason be anything but skeptical if he chooses to be on the sidelines again this coming season. Like all Als fans, I hope for the team to succeed, but there's a difference between hope and expectation. If Popp coaches this team against in 2014, I hope that he'll succeed, but I'll expect him to fail, because history has given me no reason to adjust my expectations.

I'm fine with everything but the first line. :wink:

Seriously, though, given that Popp returning as HC seems a foregone conclusion, I'm not going to waste time thinking about who could have done a better job than him in that capacity. But the fact remains: even though I like your coaching roster, it's deficient, because the man at the top does not have the coaching acumen to be an effective supervisor of his assistants. Look at Hamilton this year and how well they adjusted at the half. That's Austin as much as anyone else. He was known in SSK for stepping in and overruling Ken Miller (then the OC) in certain situations or on certain downs. Austin isn't a micro-manager, but he understands that at certain key moments in a game, the head coach has to be prepared to weigh in and overrule his assistants. All I see Jim Popp doing on the sideline is standing there and looking worried or confused. I don't see proaction, and I certainly don't see a head coach capable of making effective halftime adjustments (it's not an accident that we were awful at adjustments this year IMO). Sure, he identified problems days after a game, but that's fixing the barn door after the horse has gone. If we had been capable of adjusting during a game to what other teams were doing, we might have won the division!

All this to say: I'll live with Popp as HC, because it looks like being the reality on the ground, but I certainly don't have to like it, and while I hope he succeeds, I see no reason to think he'll do anything but fail, given his history.

Jim is not an X & O guy but he's not pretending to be one. Look at our defense... We didn't have a problem per say. We got smoked in the fourth quarter against Hamilton but nobody could have done anything at that point. So Jim was not a hindrance to the defense. If we have solid guys running the offense. We will be fine.

....Some suggested keeping AC around as a QB. coach ....Good move..Being an integral part of the team for so many years and his dedication is a valuable asset ....Players get a big lift from a vet. like AC and Popp would be a fool for not bringing him on board in some capacity...He'd be a natural at guiding the new quarterbacks..Maybe if he watched Popp perform he could pick up a few pointers for a head coaching job in the future...OOOOOPS...maybe Popps not the best guy to learn from :lol: ..In any case I hope the Als. keep Calvillo around... The CFL needs guys like him in it's ranks.. :thup:

He was a hindrance. I'll tell you why. A good head coach could have and should have stepped in and helped his young, first-time pro DC make some adjustments on the fly. You think Steinhauer was doing all those adjustments on his own? Not a chance. I'm 100% positive Austin had a hand in adjusting on both sides of the ball.

The problem is: a head coach who isn't an Xs and Os guy is not a good head coach. You can't be detached from the football trenches and expect to succeed.

I am certain the job is his if he wants it.

The big question will be the OC position. Lapolice will have a few options. Likely BC,Montreal,Ottawa and even Winnipeg are possible destinations as Offensive Coordinator.

I certainly agree that Popp is not the x`s and o guy we would like to see. But even more troubling is the fact that I cannot come up with a name that I would like to see as Als coach. It is a very shallow or non-existent pool.

And the same narrow pool applies to offensive co-ordinator. B.C. is interested in LaPolice to replace Chapdelaine and if he is not picked as Ottawas head coach I am certain thats where he`ll head.

I read in the Edmonton Sun yesterday that Jones will go after Maas who apparently lives in the Edmonton suburbs.

So who`s left? Chapdelaine? And even he would like to coach SFU.

So the best compromise solution is Popp for another year before handing the reins to Thorpe. But we still need an offensive co-ordinator.

As for Cahoon and Calvillo as assistants, Rick Moffat said this week the chances are far greater we will see Ben than Anthony.

You’d know who I’d like? Cortez as HC/OC. It could work. The man knows his Xs and Os, and unlike in Hamilton, he’d have a great D in Thorpe’s unit. Nobody is better at getting the most out of mobile QBs – he coached Burris to a championship in 2008 and Durant to one this year.