Dave coming to the Peg?

As reported on cfl.ca,Taman is looking into it. So what do all of you think of Dickenson in blue and gold? A high priced mistake or solid insurance if Glenn goes down? I'am 50/50 on this one. To have someone like him backing up Glenn gives you solid security but at what price? How will it affect Glenn and the developement of Dinwiddie? Can we afford him with Stegall possibly returning? I personally give it no more than a 30% chance of him becoming a bomber. Calgary,Toronto and possibly back to BC are more likely.
So "what if" we did sign him? What do you people think?

Well my first reaction is go for it.

We saw what happened last year when you don't have a quality backup.....Bombers lost the Grey Cup by four points.

As long as DD accepts being a backup Glenn shouldn't have a problem with him, he always struck me as a good team guy anyway. If Dinwiddie gets his nose out of joint over it, too bad.

....it make sense to me....having a reliable 'back-up' to Glenn as long as D.D CAN STAY HEALTHY is a no-brainer...Playing behind a very solid 'o' line ( we have to sign Sheridan and Goodspeed first)could encourage Dave to have a look at the Bombers for sure.... As far as Glenn geting his 'nose out of joint' because the team is trying to get better, shouldn't be a problem, as i think he knows as well as everyone else 'team' comes first... :wink: would be a good signing ...i say go for it...the contract would have to be incentive built to work :thup:

Hmm. I'm not so sure. Like you guys have said, money would be a factor. He's a big name, but you can't be shelling out the kind of cash Hamilton gave to Printers. You'd have to talk him into taking a big pay cut, like Edmonton apparently did with Maas.

And of course, it would have to remain Kevin Glenn's team. Dave would be no more than a back-up. But the question is: Would he be the second stringer or the third? What's Dinwiddie like? Obviously, he didn't play that great in the Grey Cup, but let's be honest, the kid was making his first start in the biggest game of the season.

So, would Winnipeg be willing to risk not developing him in order to sign Dickenson?

i have the same feelings i want him in the roster to be a proven and solid back up but i am not willing to pay for him.

if we can get our main free agenets back and dave accepts a contract after that then ya, for sure

…looks like D.D. is ready to sign on… with the Argos…seems to be happy to be a back-up there if the rumours are true…does that mean he’ll split the qb. duties with riflearm Bishop or ??? he must like the deal they’re gonna give him… :roll:

Actually, you might be onto something..... Milt wants a Grey Cup ring, Winnipeg needs a QB....Hmmmm, a trade....Milt to BC for Dickenson. Stegal may finally get his ring.....next year in BC! :lol: :lol:

You know, thats sort of something Taman would pull off! :wink:

thats ok Winnipeg will Beat BC in Mtl this year.

Bomberfans what about Sankey this guy is ready to go for a number 1 job. Now with the Stamps he will again be odd man out. He has the tools to be a great number 2 guy for now but if Glenn goes down he is great coming in. Taman dshould trade with the Stamps for him before someone else grabs him. I like Ben good attitude, very good skills and accurate passing. He just has not found the right fit for him.

...na'...we'll just wait till the stamps release him...or he asks for his release..you know that's how Taman works my son... :lol:

i really wouldnt mind seeing sankey here though.... a good back up for not a rediculous amount of money... i wouldnt be willing to give up any quality guys to get him though