Dave Chappelle attacked on stage

Dave was attacked while doing his act at the Hollywood Bowl .

Will Smith copycat? wtf??

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He just got Goldberged

Do you think the attacker did this to make a name for himself at Chappelle's expense?

What's his name? :stuck_out_tongue:

If Rock still doesn't lay charges after this, Then I believe the Oscar slap is a work between Rock and the Smith's


It's kinda wordy but I'm sure an aspiring rapper like this guy (I'm guessing) will find a way to make it work.

Why would Chris Rock lay charges over this?

Whether it was premeditated or not, Smith/Rock was a TV slap. No contact was ever made. That's very different from Chappelle getting Kepleyed.

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Statute of limitations haven't expired on the Oscar slap by Smith. Rock can still press charges

Rock has indicated that he was assaulted by Smith immediately after the slap made contact.

Rock said "Will Smith just smacked the shit out of me!" on stage after it happened

That means nothing. If it was staged, then that line would be part of the act. If it was impromptu, it's just an adlib line to get a laugh or at least a reaction from the audience.

It was a TV slap. I could tell right away. Both of these guys have been in the business for 30 years. They're well-trained to do it. You could tell by the motions and reactions. No actual contact was made.

Probably didn't put that dude into general population in lockup - the Brothers probably don't look kindly on a dude trying to take out Dave Chappelle -


That's the Court to determine that. Not you.

I think it is real, but if random people are assaulting comedians. Rock should file charges to make an example of Smith that violence doesn't solve issues

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you watch waaaay too much conspiracy shite

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Hope the 15 min. of fame he got for the hit was worth it. Sounds like the idiot got tuned up pretty good backstage.

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…if the incident was premeditated, what’s in it for Will Smith? I’m not seeing any upside to his role here, maybe you can enlighten us all on a motive?

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The first rule of conspiracy is it don't need to make sense... The second rule, despite real evidence you get to make crap up to prove you are right.... Those that claim Chris Rock was not touched IGNORE pictures that do show contact being made... the actual pictures that prove contact was made are non existent in their tiny minds ... Or st best proven to fake from their sources... When you slap someone there is the hand moving towards what was slapped ... You can edit out the frames where contact was made to PROVE no contact was made... As was done by this claim on no slap taking place

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I didn't say that it was premeditated or pre-arrange staged. I have no idea if it was, but the slap ITSELF was just a TV slap.

Oh well another brave new world and I don't think the timing so soon after the Will Smith slap is a coincidence.

It's as if the long-established floodgates have been opened.

It seems like this is going to be more the case than already beyond the comedic stage.

Another problem is that I don't see any real hard push or articulation of what should be obvious, which obviously could be helpful right now because if you think this is yet only "one crazy guy" who does this (and this is not new it's been done many times over at events though not always reported especially before social media), I think you are naive given the likely copycats all summer and the pressures of social media for the better and often for the worse.

Here's an example of needed public service message that won't go out:

"When you attend any public event, approach the stage but for to go to your seat, and you will be removed from the event. Attempt to get on the stage, and you will be arrested and banned from the venue for years. And fined. And possibly go to jail.

Enjoy the show, and stay in your seat or spot please."

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