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Halifax Regional Municipality
The population in 2006 was 372,679; the urban area of HRM had a population of 282,924, giving the municipality the largest urban area in the Atlantic Canada and largest population centre in Canada east of Quebec City.

Compare to:

Regina Saskatchewan
City population 179,246
Metro population 201,000


Y'know what the problem is in this Effing country? Too many left-wing chowder-heads making decisions!

Hippies don't like football!

The Glebe neighbourhood in Ottawa is gonna' fight this thing tooth and nail!

They don't like sports (let alone football... the testosterone-laced passtime of lunk heads) as culture! The Romans and Greeks must've had it all wrong!

The only culture, and therefore the only thing worth investing in, is unattended opera halls and frickin' boring museums!

Hopefully, one day we'll wake up and start voting for leaders that are pro-sports!!! Mind you, I was surprised to see Mayor Miller supporting the Argos at BMO. Seeing as it was his bunch that quashed the splendid plans to properly rebuild Varsity Stadium!

The funny part ub40 is that gridiron football, at least in my opinion, is probably the most cerebral sport of all with all the different plays that need to be learned by players and disguising coverages etc. I don't see hockey, basketball, baseball or soccer come anywhere near as close to the intellectual aspects that football involves. But a lot of people don't see this, all they see since they've never played the game or followed it is a bunch of guys hitting each other recklessly. Sometimes I wonder really how intelligent the academics out there really are to be quite honest.

ub40, you have to remember that the Ottawa development isn't solely about football. If anything, it's more about the urban renewal of the Lansdowne sight which has to be one of the most desirable in Canada. Right next to the canal (recently designated a heritage sight), proximity to downtown shops and restaurants, well served by public transit, just off the expressway, next to the well-heeled Glebe district. Those prospective owners are looking at the bigger picture--not just the Roughriders/Renegades/? By getting their foot in the door via a CFL franchise, they set themselves up nicely to be the guys to redevelop the area with condos, townhouses, lofts, trendy shops, etc. that the local municipal politicians are so hot to trot about. Two of them made their money as developers after all. It's what they do.

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Well barney, if this is in fact how this area actually is, and I'm sure it is, then there is really only one type of stadium that will work there, a brand new stadium that will fit in with a well-heeled district. Anything less will be viewed as some sort of cow stall or whatever. Maybe that's the only way they can sell this area with a football stadium, a stadium almost along the lines of a museum look or arts centre look, and sell it also as a place to bring in the 3 tenors, Josh Groban etc. Summer music festivals with artists that can bring in 20,000 people.

The CFL BOGutless could take the 7 mil$ they are ripping off the new Ottawa team for (a team that was supposedly "suspended", had it's roster vulture picked-over, and that has a historic place in the league - they shouldn't, IMO, be paying a dime to the BOG cheapskate$, they are not an "expansion" team), AND the CFL could go to Quebec City - approach the local government, PEPS stadium and the very successful Laval Rouge & Or football team plus maybe the provincial government, and say: "we'd really like to see a CFL team for Quebec, here's 7 million bucks to go towards expanding / upgrading PEPS - can you chip in too, let's make this thing work - for the good of the city of Quebec, the CFL, the CIS and football in Canada in general. I guess Quebec could say: "no thanks, pi$$-off", but what's the harm in asking/trying?

But will the myopic clowns running the CFL (BOG) make such an effort - lining their own pockets or protecting their own little football fiefdoms seems more important. Feaking sad IMO, that in this day and age of supposed progress or business smarts and saavy, where so many sports leagues have improved and expanded, that the great old CFL of the 60s, 70s, 80s with 9 teams is now ... struggling to get to, um, 9 teams, maybe by 2010. Maybe the CFL already has or will make such an effort for Quebec City - a province where football is very popular now and where a great natural rivalry with Montreal could happen and where a 10 team league might mean so much to help the CFL grow and prosper? Or maybe they'll give in to the fear of and desires of NFL wannabes and the Buffalo Bills and sign on to be a farm league for the NFL? Real progress will surprise me.

I’m always impressed how people can express their emotions through words, real or not. Well said!
But for those us us not in the loop, please explain what a “Glebe” is ???


Actually Earl, the stadium you describe would fit in perfectly.

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......At the end of the day ALL sports teams are "Business". If there's no payback by $'s then the venture isn't worth it, just like in life.
Why should someone who's worked hard to get where they are purchase a team as an act of charity?
I wouldn't and nor should any business professional....whether you love the game or not.


I'm always impressed how people can express their emotions through words, real or not. Well said!
But for those us us not in the loop, please explain what a "Glebe" is ????????
The "Glebe" is just an "area" of Ottawa similar to "the market"...nick names of city areas...no real science to it. It's a boutique type area for the "upper crusties"........also noticed someone made reference to the Glebe being "close" to downtown Ottawa.......whoever made that comment isn't too familiar with the Captital........I wouldn't say it's close at all. If you're curious, Google Map the Lansdown site and then look at where the market area / downtown is.....then you'll understand better.


Catattack, I guess our geographical perceptions differ. The following quotes are from Wikipedia.

"The Glebe is a neighbourhood in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It is located just south of Ottawa's downtown area, with its northern border being demarcated by the Queensway highway. To the south and east it is bounded by the Rideau Canal while to the west it ends at Bronson Avenue. As of 2006, the area's population was 10,886."

"It is also almost entirely anglophone.... and one of Ottawa's wealthier neighbourhoods..."

"The stretch of Bank Street that runs through the Glebe is one of Ottawa's premier shopping areas, with many small stores and restaurants offering a wide variety of services".

"The Glebe is home to Lansdowne Park which contains Frank Clair Stadium where Ottawa's Canadian Football League (CFL) football team, the currently suspended Ottawa Renegades, and the University of Ottawa Gee-Gees play their home games, as well as the Ottawa Civic Centre, the permanent home of the Ottawa 67's and temporary home (1992-1995) for the Ottawa Senators before Scotiabank Place (formerly the Corel Centre, prior to that it was called The Palladium) was completed".

A 20-30 minute walk from the Glebe pretty much puts you anywhere where the action is in Ottawa. That's why it's such an attractive site for redevelopment.

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Thanks guys :slight_smile:

I thought Lonny was the Glebe.