Daunte Culpepper?

Hey one of the premier mobile QB's in the past 5 years in the NFL is sitting at home without a team to play for and no intest from a team because of the overall depth of the position in that league.

I was watching the NFL network and people close to him where saying he's been working out and has the speed he had before his injury.

With his mobility and his cannon (understatement) for an arm...could you see him in the CFL?

Personally I'd like to see him in saskatchewan but i'd love to see him on any team and don't think he'd be a flop like Ricky the burnout williams...

what do you think?

Byron Leftwich is also one i could see up here.

If he's healthy, and motivated, he's a stud. Having said that, if he's healthy and motivated, there have got to be about half the teams in the NFL that could use him as a #2, and 5-6 where he could start.

leftwich would be good too, he's another guy with a strong and i think he's bigger than most offensive lineman that would be blocking for him....

As for Culpepper though whats the harm in adding him to your neg list? if he's not picked up i'd give him three years and printes money without even thinking twice...

I think it's hard for QBs to make the jump of starting all those years in the NFL, and being quite successful to coming to a whole new league. The CFL is way faster than the NFL. Personally, I think Culpepper would struggle in the CFL. Maybe he'd get the hang of it, but I don't think he'd be an impact player, like most NFLers are projected to be in the CFL.

Yeah Ryooon I hear you, but Jarious Jackson is a good example of a guy who successfully made the transition, and you can't possibly have measured how healthy he is or how quick his release could be. CFL teams are not going to rule him out based on your arguments. He has been an impact player in a league where completing passes is like threading needles. I personally think he'd have a hay day in green and white at 95% health.


what i would do is give him a performance based contract. Set it up by stats or wins and give it to him in increments of 50, 000. say 50, 000 for every 1, 000 yards passing or 10 TD's.

Jarious Jackson doesn't have nearly as much as success or experience as Culpepper. In my opinion, Culpeper will come to the CFL and try what made him successful in the NFL, but won't necessarily work in the CFL.

He probably does have quick release, but I think the 20 second clock and the motion before the play will mess around with his mind. He's use to seeing 1 or 2 guys moving around on the Defense, not 6 or 7.

Just my opinion.

I assume that Dante has made some good money in the NFL. I am thinking that he would have to love football as much as flutie did, before even considering CFL. If he did love it that much, I think he would be making a lot more noise trying to latch on somewhere in NFL, and not just sitting by the phone waiting.

While I completely agree with you Ryooon, you never know how one will adapt to the Canadian rules until they try.

I personally think he wouldn't take the pay cut that he would have to. Pride is large for professional atheletes. Its not like he is gonna try to use the CFL as a stepping stone, or to stay in shape like Ricky did.

But wouldn't a two year stint in the CFL show the NFL teams he probably wants to play for that his knee is fine?

As for him fitting into the CFL....just as mobile as joesph and burris. He's huge at 6'4 260lbs and unlike the other mobile QB's in this league can thread a needle with a pass if need be...plus he's only 31.

Oh and the number 8 is still open in Sask....? why else would we trade joesph? clever eric very clever (sorry dreamin there)

number 8 open? thats crandels number

sorry moved from regina to saskatoon and being that far away from taylor/mosaic after 20 years of season tickets has made me slightly numb to the rider universe

Well, he was close. Isn't Joseph's number 4? He just forgot to divide by 2. :stuck_out_tongue:

But wasn't there talk of Culpepper coming to the CFL before he signed with the Raiders last year? I don't know... I just saw an article on ESPN the other day about how there aren't that many great QBs like Manning in the NFL. And if that's a real problem, I'd think someone would sign him (if he is as good as people say he is).

I’ve seen him play, and I’d say he’s damn good. He has good size too. He’s not a one-man team however, as was proved with the Raiders.

The only reason he was employed last year was because of JaMarcus Russel's hold out. the only team i could see taking a chance on him is Kansas City, and even them, they have young QB Brodie Croyle, vet Damon Huard, and developmental QB, but a guy with alot of upside Tyler Thigpen. There is talk around the league that he could be the next Romo.

What about the Jets? From what I remember, they really don't have anyone worth a damn at QB.

They aren't interested, they already have an average,veteran backup QB in Pennington. They are looking for that young guy that can start and produce for a decade.

As a Vikings season ticket owner, I can tell you a couple things about Culpepper.

  1. He can't read defenses at game speed. Never could, never will. Culpepper needs receivers he can trust to beat the coverage (like Randy Moss and Cris Carter), because he throws to a man, not a spot.

  2. Ever since his knee injury, he's been afraid to run downfield with the ball. Even if some of his mobility has returned (which I question), his fear of re-injuring the knee causes him to hesitate.

There's a reason the Vikings unloaded him, and why he failed in Miami and Oakland.

This is largely inaccurate, at least with respect to Oakland.

He had a great start for the Raiders, with three rushing touchdowns. Though he only played six games, he was injured for the latter part of the season because he pulled a hamstring while sprinting in practice. He wasn't benched, and actually played pretty well here.