Data entry question

How do you type. Hunt and peck? Speed typing? One handed? Just using thumbs? Other?

I learned proper typing back in 69. Sometimes I type so fast the computer cant keep up. I learned on manual typewriters where each row of keys was higher than the row before it. I got so used to that over the years that I am really handicapped when it comes to trying to use flat keyboards on Laptops and such.

What are you using....A commodore vic 20?

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no, but sometimes I am posting using IE.

I dunno. My computer is fairly recent, less than 10 yrs old. Sometimes though there is a 1 to 2 second lag. Not frequent but....


FYB, you keep doing you man. I have had my Chromebook for almost 5 years. That's ancient in modern terms. And in the summer, well, essentially the security updates stop such that I will have to replace it.

Do you still have by chance an Atari game system? :smiley_cat:

Anyway, I get you, I learned typing in the late 1980s towards the end of the days when it was on typewriters, which were then electric. I did my papers in high school on a typewriter as well as during much of college since the computers back then in the early 1990s were full of glitches and they crashed a lot too. Those floppy disks were crap too back then before CD-ROM and so forth.

And indeed, I can relate, only with Windows 7 circa 2010 as well as a Macbook could a computer keep up with my typing speed. I HATED Internet Explorer and got rid of it for Safari back in 2008. What a piece of junk it was always.

Anyway, after 6 years on a Macbook, I made the jump here in 2016 and this is the best I have ever had with seldom an issue keeping up with my typing speed across sometimes 10 or more tabs!

Then your computer must be from 1969 also. No computer from the last two decades could be overwhelmed with typing speed, and if it is, then you've got something using way too many resources.

I believe that cannot be possible anymore since Discourse dropped IE support around mid 2000.

the comment "computer cant keep up" was more tongue in cheek. Every once in a while there is a small lag but I know that is more to do with some computer issue than regular performance. I have a Dell and I dont like it for a number of reasons.

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yeah, I still use IE for some other things and I post elsewhere using it.

Until 2010, I overwhelmed easily Microsoft Vista running Internet Explorer. Those days are gone thankfully, but no plenty of Windows machines in this millennium were configured as still junk for sake of fast internet, even with a solid connection, before Microsoft begrudgingly moved past that awful Vista concoction.

I bypassed vista. Used 3.1, 95, 98, xp, win 7, and now win 10

started out with dos 3.2 thru dos 6. Really miss dos,.

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Right on great move! I went with Windows NT then with Windows XP Pro then off to a Macbook with OS X Snow Leopard before the current Chromebook.

The reason I had to use Vista on occasion was an idiot employer for a short time and the other my retiring parents who bought a system without asking for help at the time. Wow did they get fooled.

I had a tri-boot for a while with 98/nt/xp.

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