DAs QB Challenge

how many actually watch this?

Do you cheer for your favorites?

out of the following listed QBs

"Allen will be back to defend his title this year. Other competitors to challenge the legendary Toronto Argonauts quarterback will include Michael Bishop, Toronto Argonauts; Kerry Joseph, Toronto Argonauts; Kevin Glenn, Winnipeg Blue Bombers; Casey Printers, Hamilton Tiger-Cats; Richie Williams, Hamilton Tiger-Cats; Marcus Brady, Montreal Alouettes; Ricky Ray, Edmonton Eskimos; Marcus Crandell, Saskatchewan Roughriders; Dave Dickenson, Calgary Stampeders; Jarious Jackson, B.C. Lions; and Buck Pierce, B.C. Lions."

I cheer for them in the following order

  • Kerry Joseph
  • Richie Williams
  • Jarious JacksonBuck Pierce
  • Michael Bishop
  • Kevin Glenn
  • Marcus Brady
  • Dave Dickenson
  • Marcus Crandell
  • Ricky Ray
  • Casey PrintersDamon Allen

Never actually paid much attention to it... Not even sure what it is. :expressionless:

You're not sure what it is? :?

A clue: it's not a mud-wrestling competition.

i remember watching parts of it in the past. i think its a pretty cool thing to do. and i would cheer on glenn.

Well, obviously it's some sort of competition...