das bombas vs. viva las skunk-imos

game day thread.

Much will be learned about both teams tonight, who is the pretender/contender. A big game for the psyche of both.

We said EXACTLY the same thing verbatim to last weeks game. . . and look at what happened.

Att; Gavin Walls, Kai Ellis, Standford Samuels. . .

permission to seek and destroy granted.

....i'm smellin something in the first half of this one....but it ain't the skunk-mos...more like us.... :thdn:

the stupidest thing is our special teams lost us this game in the second qrt.

that fake punt was ridiculous/

...shoulda stayed home and mailed the esks. the points....hopeless attempt except for the first quarter..

Yep, about what I thought could happen. Too much talk about how they were gonna walk in there and win without having to break a few heads in the process. Nice guys finish last, which is were the Bombers will stay until they start hurting people out there.

i don't buy it. these guys were not ready to pay the price? They simply stopped playing football after prefontaine tossed such an incredibly stupid fake punt, and the bomber's felt shame.

f'n pathetic display of heart. i mean being outcoached is one thing: which we totally were.

Out-coached in all 3 phases too boot, by supposedly one of the worst staffs in the league. Believe me, as soon as the Eskimo players smelt blood, they were like a starving dog on a t-bone. While our guys just got bent over and took it. Call it heart or whatever you like, but you have to pay the price in the trenches and our guys didn't.

I actually thought your D-Line played well. Better than our O-Line, anyway. You guys kept collapsing the pocket and pushing it into Ray. Even later in the game, we were able to hold you guys back, but you were still able to break up the pocket.

But I'm not arguing with you there. i actually think we're agreeing.

But a total collapse in each of the three most important facets, defense, offense, special teams. . . did someone walk out with a white flag???

man, you have a totally different read on the game I saw. we just blew.