das bombas vs. stamps (game/D~)

Oh man, do we close our eyes or will this defense survive our needs on offense.

Man - this game could be crazy.

It will be interesting to see if the Bombers can run the ball effectivley (we can't expect a game like last week all the time can we?) against the leagues best team at stopping the run. The air is getting crisp, and our running game is taking form just in time. Big props goes out to Goodspeed and the boys for opening those holes.
I'm also eagerly awaiting the TD celebrations that are sure to take place today!

....I JUST HOPE THERE'S NO LET-DOWN........if T.O. is knocked-out before we get out of the dressing room....i can see us doing things we wouldn't other-wise have considered....could lead to disaster....orrrrrr confuse the hell out of the stumps and we could escape with a win.....we'll see.... :lol: :roll:

Good point. If the PO spot is wrapped up, I could see Dinwiddie getting some time for sure in the next couple games. We want to keep momentum going, but at the same time I do hope they try some different things. This is after all the time to do it.
When was the last time we had a fake punt?

Good points, especially about the running game. It's all about the coaching, and going to see what play-calling results in executing an effective game plan. If the Stamps predict (causing us to look inept) on offense, it'll be a "coachng mistake" of which falter in making those decisive types: in switching from plan 'a' to plan 'b' adjustments. (That is if Glenn does his 2-and-outs this week - it's becoming all too farmiliar already - Wake up!) If we fail to start making the right decisions this late in the season, it'll be a test of getting decent coaching/preperation against a stumpeder team. That is if we move slow as we did in Edmonton last time we were in Alberta and get out of their lucky to still be breathing. Tonight better I MEAN BETTER - be a lot different. I'm not kidding. If we lose tonight, I doubt we're contending for the Grey Cup if at all.

^If you just read that, the make-up and character of this team rests on the coaching now - no excuses. Our guys better be ready to execute based on the coaching tonight.

That is what I am looking for, no excuses necessary. Berry has been flattering himself all season, and I've had it up to here with the flip-flopping game in or game out. Which team shows up tonight, has to tell me something about how well they're prepared overall.

Let's go.~

....assessment first half....AND I DO KNOW THERE'S NO SENSE OF URGENCY ...BUT....get rid of Mr, Bean....this guy is as useless as two teats on a bull.....looks as though Glenn just came out to grow a beard...the next useless player on the team....Serna is working on it ...but he came through on a filed-goal so i'll have to wait till he wiffs a few in the second half....Please....Berry play Dinwiddie or Randall ....we look hopeless :lol: :lol: :lol:

I have no idea why Bean gets to see the field at all. He was absolutley brutal lastnight, as he was before his injury. Can't we put a pylon out there?