Daryl Stephenson re-signed

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


That's three non-imports extended. Three more left to re-sign or announce that they have been.

good signing by the Cats.

Stevenson is one of the more versatile NI's in the league, apt at multi-positions such as RB/FB, TE, and receiver, whether starter or reinforcement player.

These type of players are invaluable.

Good one, Stephenson didn't look out of place when he went in on offense last year. :thup:

Yup; I agree with all the comments. A keeper.

I loved the way he started the year - two passes, two catches, two touchdowns. Too bad he couldn't keep that rate of production up. :smiley: But if I remember correctly, while he wasn't thrown to much, he only missed one pass all year, and that was only because he couldn't release on the screen because the defender grabbed him. Might have been his third TD on that play as it was inside the ten.

Good blocker, good hands, and hard to bring down. What more could you want from a tight end?

On one of his two catches for a TD I announced to my fellow inmates in Box H to "give it to Stephenson" - it was second and goal. Luckily my voice must have been heard as that is what happened. :wink:

Hey Kent, we got another prospect for assistant OC here. :lol:

I often wondered why teams seemed to move away from using tight ends as receivers, as they can really surprise defences when they are used. [cue the Tony Gabriel final drive / TD footage] And I figured that's what the Ticats were going to do when they signed Darcy Brown, but no. I really hope Austin uses him this way.

Stephanson came into the CFL as a skill player without a position. 5 REC sets were the norm with a single setback. Now that the TE position is becoming a part of the offenses in the CFL He and Patrick Lavoi are probably the best two in the CFL. Over 6 feet tall both can block and catch and run after the catch. With his skill I can see Austin putting in a bigger TE package on offense with the defenses behind the curve with a TE used as an Offensive weapon and not just an extra blocker.

DS top two TE in the CFL....REALLY???
9 catches for 78 yards and 2 TDs in 67 games.

Now THAT is a s t r e t c h

Solid football player.

Good signing.

Thank you.

Given that he was only used properly as a TE in maybe 1/2 the games in the last season, a statistical analysis of his performance as a TE over his ENTIRE career is .... well you know what they say about lies and statistics. In short, an inappropriate statistical observation that has really no bearing on DS as a TE, even if "top two" might be a little premature.

Stephenson is a good player with a lot of up potential if used properly. I think his skill set is what made Darcy Brown expendable last year.

OK, I will keep stats to last season.
2 catches for 19 yards in the last 11 games.

Good signing by the TiCats. I was hoping the Argos could pick him off as a eventual replacement for Jeff Johnson. :frowning:

He will be in 2013. Montreal is the only team that actually used a TE on a regular basis. Hamilton with essentially 6 starting receivers rarely used Stephanson. If Kent Austin should use more TE sets Stephanson stats will go up signifiantly.
ROB cote of Calgary was the only other FB/TE that was used as part of the offensive scheme on a regular basis. Football is a copy cat sport and with the ALs using Lavoi not just as an exra Blocker at TE but a starter and a big role in the offense, receving for over 300 yards, and using 2 SB and 2 WR. Every other team went with the 5 wide set.
Stephanson has the best skill set as a TE in the CFL aside from Lavoi and by Austin resigning him I suspect that he may see more TE packages in the Hamilton offense


I'm sure we'll see Daryl picked up by another team this year. Thanks for your effort and best of luck to you..

I guess he was beat out buy Delahunt . I get the impression they will pass more this year ..lots of screens etc ..

I did not like what i saw form him on specialty teams

John Delahunt must be an extraordinary player. According to the Roster, he is a month and a half old. They give his DOB as May 10, 2013. Way to go, John! I wonder who looks after the diapers!