Darren Sproules

Does Darren Sproules run back kick offs and punts with New Orleans Saints? He is injured with concussion. I think you know where I am going with this

I do. Thing is, they have two other players listed behind him on their active roster depth chart already for PR, same for KR.

I don't think there would be room for him on the active roster unless Tiny Darren ends up on the IR, which seems unlikely. You don't want to cut a player or risk losing them to a waiver claim to fill a special teams role.

And by "him" we're talking about Senio Kelemente, the Offensive Lineman, right?

I'm sick of all the Senio Kelemente talk on this board. We're in the playoffs, for goodness sake, and this is a Ticat discussion board. Let's talk about people that actually play for the Cats!


Who? Not Senio