Darren Flutie

After listening to Flutie do the commentary for the Toronto-Edm game yesterday I almost wish CBC would go back to silent games. It's hard to believe he has played football before. Most of his analysis was wrong and at one point he said it should be legal for receivers to push off on coverage. Yah that would work well.

........the best one this weekend was Walby in yesterday's game......he starts off a sentence by saying "I really shouldn't be bringing this up, but....."

.......?what part of your preamble didn't make sense Chris?......when did your brain say: you shouldn't do this, but go ahead and do it anyway.......sounds like a Homer Simpson vs. Homer's brain type discussion to me......

oh great R&W, now you got me picturing him in a devil suit dancing with maracas ontop of his grave singing, "I am Evil Walby. I am Evil Walby.."

Hmm now that I look back it was pretty bad. I was more into the game than the commentators. I will take Chris Cuthbert and Glen Suitor any day over these jack@$$es.

Actually, roughyfan, it is quite easy to believe Flutie played football prior to his announcing "career" - it simply sounds as though he's taken one too many knocks on the melon.....

Of course Darren Flutie took one too many knocks on the noggin'. He played for the Ti-Cats, remember? :lol:

I'd take TSN comentators anyday. I like their presentation a lot more! CBC with announcers is better thant he silent broadcasts, but not by much.

Walby's nonsensical blabberings make perfect sense. He once ran for the Liberals in the Manitoba provincial election!!!!

I'm a liberal, good on him! :smiley:

DARREN writes really good articles at CFL magazine.

Well my criticism of Flutie has always been, and continues to be, his performance when he's in the booth commentating as opposed to being on the pregame and halftime panel. When in the latter he's almost bearable.

But on the games as commentator, he drives me to distraction with his CONSTANT reference to players by their first names....."Damon was going to go left but Joe cut him off so he looked right and threw but Tony was well covered by Malcolm"......gag me with a spoon!

I know he played in the league, and sure he knows a lot of players on a first name basis, but for gawd's sake, not EVERY player in the league is a personal friend of his so CUT IT OUT....It's ALLEN cut off by MONTFORD, throws to MILES and FRANK covered it, OKAY????

I like referring to them by their first names. In fact, they should wear their first names on their jerseys instead of last. Then I could go see Hank play with Scott and Scott and the other Scott. Hmm… maybe not.

I was just grateful I didn’t have listen to Walby, but Mark Lee is alomost as bad as Walby. I wish he and Chris would go away and dig themselves a deep hole and stay there

I know what you are saying about Darren Flutie. He is the most Godawful Commentator that has ever kept a job this long. I would listen to Walby anyday of the week before I had to listen to Flutie’s Pro BC commentary ( I brought this up in another thread not sure which one though) Darren Flutie is horrible what ever happened to Archer? Anybody remember his days. He ;eft commentary and made a comeback then slammed another player thru a table. I was pretty sure he came back to commentating after that but I honestly dont remember if he was any good.

Walby's always good for useless comments that add absolutely nothing to the game. Stating the blatantly obvious is his trademark. Although at times it's annoying, apparently nobody better is waiting in the wings, so I just make sure I laugh at the few times a game it seems his brain slips into neutral.

.....I wouldn't mind his brain in neutral if he didn't let it idle there so long.....

I guess maybe I should've phrased it "for the times his brain accidentally slips into gear every once in a while" instead. :slight_smile:

.....that would have been more accurate..... :smiley:

At least they don’t have Pierre McGuire’s voice. Wow is he annoying.

I think that's why I don't watch a lot of hockey on TSN.. plus, since they apparently really only show leafs games, why would I want to?